Everything Wrong Is Right Again Cover Art

Everything Wrong Is Right Again is the latest album from Niagara musician Craig Rewbury and his project, The Cabaret Quicksand. The album features previous singles, “The Light Returns to Shine”, “Save Me Now”, and “Colours”, among others. Alongside the LP release is a brand new single, “Seeing Things I Didn’t Before” – an indie rock gem with palpable Brit-pop/rock influence, compelling guitar riffs, and a memorable chorus you’ll want to sing along with. We caught up with Craig to chat about the new music, how the name The Cabaret Quicksand came to be, and his non-musical hobbies.

From The Strait: Tell us about the new single, “Seeing Things I Didn’t Before”.

Craig Rewbury: It’s about the difficulty people have seeing the truth while inside a relationship that turns out to sour in the end. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a romantic relationship either. You have your suspicions of dishonesty but don’t whole heartedly believe it.  After it’s over, you step back and look in from the outside and say to yourself- what the fuck was I thinking? How did I miss that? It was right in front of me the entire time. It’s all part of growing.

FTS: Tell us about the creative process behind the new album, Everything Wrong Is Right Again.

Craig Rewbury: The entire album was recorded at Ignition Audio and produced by Paul Gigliotti. The process was much the same as in the past.  Ideas start with some chords and a melody and I shoot that off to Paul and we sit down with it and hash it out.  We figure out a proper arrangement, BPM and add colours and textures around that later.  It’s all about the vibe. We typically create a template of ghost parts and then add drums.  Once the drums are complete, we erase the ghost parts and add the real parts.  Usually the real vocal is last or near the end. The anomaly about this project was the plethora of stops and starts throughout the pandemic.  Large pauses during several lockdowns took away any momentum we had. Eventually, when the songs are complete you must present it in a uniform way that is supposed to sound like it came from sessions that were close together rather than 2 years in the making. I’m very proud of what we accomplished under those unique circumstances.

FTS: What are some Niagara bands or artists you’ve been listening to lately?

Craig Rewbury: I always try to keep my ear to the ground to what is happening out there.  I used to be a lot better at it.  I like to stay aware of what’s happening with my friend’s music.  Brad Battle is with a new cool outfit called New Moon Junction.  Phil Wellman just put out a new EP.  Love the new Alexis.  The drive and commitment of Ryan Thomas Smelle is contagious. However, I’m ready for bed after I look at his schedule. Don’t know how he has all of that energy?  There are so many great artists here in our back yard. Chad Charles Campbell’s passion is fun to see as well.

FTS: What was the coolest (and/or weirdest) live show you’ve ever played?

Craig Rewbury: Probably an impromptu gig that wasn’t supposed to be a gig.  I was on vacation in Cabo several years back and stopped by Cabo Wabo.  I was having a couple of drinks at a table and the next thing I know I was called up on stage.  The people I was with without me knowing told the band to get me up.  I really hate that shit but ended up playing bass on a whole set of U2 covers with the house band. It was fun.  Another one was at the Marquee club in London when a guy came up to me and asked if I was looking for any Ecstasy.  I politely responded, no thanks I’m straight.  I had no clue what Ecstasy was back then.

FTS: How did you come up with the name, The Cabaret Quicksand?

Craig Rewbury: The first album was just meant to be a “one and done” with a whack of musicians/friends that I respected from being out in the scene for so many years.  28 of them recorded in one form or another on the songs. The Cabaret part came from that. Quicksand represents the songs and the hope is that the listener gets stuck in the songs.

FTS: What are some of your non-musical hobbies?

Craig Rewbury: Guinness. Love to design/create landscapes.  Most of it for myself these days.  I’m a passionate sports fan.  Hockey, Baseball, Football and golf.  I also built a raised golf green in my back yard.  First one I’ve ever tried.  It’s almost done and turned out great.

Check out “Seeing Things I Didn’t Before”, from Everything Wrong Is Right Again, the new album by The Cabaret Quicksand!