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The Cabaret Quicksand released their debut album The Company You Keep on BS Live Rock Records digitally on March 2nd 2018 and on Vinyl/CD April 5 of the same year. TCQ was formed by Southern Ontario bassist/songwriter Craig Rewbury in 2016, who went right into the analog world of recording on 2-inch tape. The debut album was well received with videos made for “TREPIDATION” and “REMISSION”.

In late 2019 Craig started working with Producer/Guitarist/Songwriter Paul Gigliotti (formerly of the pop duo Wave) and recording at Ignition Audio in Niagara Falls. This resulted the releases “Save Me Now”,”Burning Daylight”, and then “All You Ever Wanted to Know (Sleeper 1973)”, and “COLOURS”  featuring the voice of Serena Pryne from The Mandevilles.

Paul and Craig are influenced by many of the same artists and the chemistry and process has been a blast! The new songs have captured several British influences and nuances like The Beatles, Oasis, Johnny Marr, The Stone Roses and Muse to name a few.

ABOUT THE SINGLE -“Seeing Things I Didn’t Before” – out now
“It’s about the difficulty people have seeing the truth while inside a relationship that turns out sour in the end. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a romantic relationship either. You have your suspicions of dishonesty but don’t wholeheartedly believe it. After it’s over, you step back and look in from the outside and say to yourself- what the fuck was I thinking? How did I miss that? It was right in front of me the entire time. It’s all part of growing.” 
– Craig Rewbury, The Cabaret Quicksand

ABOUT THE ALBUM –Everything Wrong Is Right Again – out now
“The entire album was recorded at Ignition Audio and produced by Paul Gigliotti. The process was much the same as in the past. Ideas start with some chords and a melody and I shoot that off to Paul and we sit down with it and hash it out. We figure out a proper arrangement, BPM and add colours and textures around that later. It’s all about the vibe. We typically create a template of ghost parts and then add drums. Once the drums are complete, we erase the ghost parts and add the real parts. Usually the real vocal is last or near the end. The anomaly about this project was the plethora of stops and starts throughout the pandemic. Large pauses during several lockdowns took away any momentum we had. Eventually, when the songs are complete you must present it in a uniform way that is supposed to sound like it came from sessions that were close together rather than 2 years in the making. I’m very proud of what we accomplished under those unique circumstances.”
– Craig Rewbury, The Cabaret Quicksand

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