The Northern Pikes are taking on the songs from their iconic 1990 album, Snow In June, and releasing reimagined, acoustic versions (plus three new tracks) on their upcoming album, TIME to TIME. To kick things off, they recently released the new version of “Dream Away” – we caught up with Northern Pikes drummer Don Schmid to chat about the new releases, how it feels to have created an impactful album like Snow In June, and the weirdest show the band ever played (or, technically didn’t play).

From The Strait: Tell us about the new version of your song, “Dream Away” – what made you want to release a reimagined, acoustic version (of this, and other songs from Snow In June)?

Don Schmid: The initial idea of reimagining songs from Snow In June acoustically was to promote the 30th anniversary release of that album which would have been in June of 2020 but unfortunately the covid pandemic delayed our album release until June 2, 2023.

FTS: What can fans expect from your upcoming album, TIME to TIME?

Don Schmid: Our new album TIME to TIME features 7 songs from our Snow In June album reimagined and re-recorded acoustically plus 3 brand new songs.

FTS: As someone who has grown up with your music, the songs from Snow In June have remained impactful. How does it feel to have made an iconic album that continues to withstand the test of time, especially in Canadian music? What is it like to see new audiences connecting to these songs?

Don Schmid: It certainly is a great feeling to hear that our album Snow In June had so much impact on people, we spent 6 months working on that album and we all put our heart and soul into the recordings.

It’s also amazing to see older fans bringing their kids to our concerts, to me it’s the ultimate compliment, mom and dad sharing the music they love with their family.

FTS: What would 2023 members of The Northern Pikes want to tell their 1990 selves?

Don Schmid: For me I would say “enjoy the moments while they are happening because they don’t happen forever and always remain true to yourself and your ideals.”

FTS: What was the coolest (and/or weirdest!) show you’ve played?

Don Schmid: For me the weirdest show was the one we never played on July 1, 2016 in Whitecourt AB. We arrived at the outdoor venue in Rotary Park and finished our soundcheck without any problems and then headed back to our hotel for dinner. We could tell the weather was getting worse and very quickly we were stuck in the middle of a major thunderstorm with heavy wind and rain. After a while it did calm down and we assumed the gig was still on but when we arrived back at the venue to perform we were shocked to find out the gig was canceled. Nobody was there except our crew who had packed all our gear and they were ready to leave as well, the park was empty. It was such an odd feeling being pumped and ready to play and then nothing, we got back in our van and drove back to the hotel for a restful evening and flew home the next day without performing, strange gig it was.


Check out “Dream Away”, the newly re-imagined single by The Northern Pikes, from their upcoming album TIME to TIME!

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