Ahead of their upcoming album, the boys in The Dirty Nil have just released another new single, “Blunt Force Concussion”. We caught up with them for another Q&A, this time to chat about the new music, their “Dancing 2 Thrash” tour, and what animal each member would be. Because, why not?

From The Strait: We’re currently playing your new single “Blunt Force Concussion” on repeat in the FTS office – what was the inspiration for the song?

The Dirty Nil: Blunt Force Concussion is about feeling like you’re sliding down the greasy hill of love, and that moment when you’ve hit the bottom and you find yourself hanging from the cliffs of sanity, looking down on the fiery hell of romance.

FTS: It goes without saying that Nil fans everywhere are eagerly awaiting the release of Fuck Art. How would you describe the album in 6 words or less?

The Dirty Nil: Hey! We are super eager for it to be out in the world as well. It definitely doesn’t feel finished until the whole thing can be shared. The 6 words I would use to sum up Fuck Art would be “Really Really Really Really Really Good”

FTS: You’ve got your virtual “Dancing 2 Thrash” tour coming up – tell us a bit about that, how is it all going to shake out?

The Dirty Nil: We are totally excited to embark on the “Dancing 2 Thrash” tour. Obviously due to the current state of things, it is a virtual tour filmed in Hamilton. We chose some of our favourite places to play and partnered up with the radio stations that have been previous champions of the band. It has been unfortunate that many venues across the world have been left without use and are in need of support and love. For this tour each show will be played in honour of the stage and the city it resides in. Every show we play will have a unique set with new and old songs and of course it will have all the quirks and charm of our normal live show. We will also have some friends opening each show from their own unique spaces, which will definitely add to the fun. 

FTS: We’re big on hard-hitting questions here, so we have to ask – if each Nil band member was an animal, what would they be?

The Dirty Nil: That’s an incredible question, I love animals! I would definitely be a Koala cause I like to eat, sleep and be cozy. Luke and Kyle would be Golden Retrievers cause they are smart, blonde and funny.

FTS: Let’s put a positive spin on these past months of covid lockdown. What’s been the best part of it for you?

The Dirty Nil: I totally think it’s important to try to put a positive spin on difficult situations. I personally have been enjoying my time at home and getting to focus more on my personal life that has been a bit neglected due to years of heavy touring. Eating well, going on long hikes and taking care of my mind and body during this time has been essential. I can’t wait to get back on the road but this time has allowed me to reset and come back stronger then ever! Thanks for your time, I hope you enjoy the record and stay safe!

Check out The Dirty Nil’s latest track, “Blunt Force Concussion”, and grab your tickets for their “Dancing 2 Thrash” tour!


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