About Phil Wellman

Phil Wellman is an instrumental guitar-oriented artist, whose music usually tries to answer the question “what would the Smiths sound like without Morrissey?”.

ABOUT THE SONG: “Big Sky Ascending” out now

“I recorded the initial song in my basement, playing bass, guitar and programming an old drum machine until it sounded right. I called it “Big Sky”.  Around that time I developed a friendship with Colleen Wang [violinist on the single] through the various instrumental artist circles. We started talking about a collaboration and I pictured her playing on a different song, but she asked to hear some of my new songs. After hearing several-  she asked to play on that song. I thought it might be a bit busy as I play an Edge like guitar line during the chorus- but she had a melody and within 24 hours had it recorded. We put it together and this is the result. What is cool is that she lives in Michigan and I live here- sometimes technology actually is cool.  I knew she would be able to make the chorus take off or lift it and I told her so. “Big Sky Ascending” is part 2. Both “Big Sky” and “Big Sky Ascending” are on my new release Starlight and Rust.” – Phil Wellman

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