About FTS

niagara [nahy-ag-ruh, nahy-ag-er-uh] noun
1. an anglicized version of the Haudenosaunee word, “Onguiaahra”, which translates to “The Strait”
2. a Southern Ontario region that is home to great bands, music fans, and two jerks who want to share the best of it.

Meet Kris & Nolan

From the Strait is all about music – music made in Niagara, music coming through Niagara, and music that Niagara needs to know about. With articles, reviews, performances, and an interview-style web series, plus events and music PR services, it’s a site for music fans, by music fans.

FTS was created & curated by the music jerks, Kris and Nolan; click their names to learn more about ’em.