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Ryan Thomas Smelle is a singer/songwriter that has been playing in and around the Niagara Region for over 20 years.  He is often found performing solo as ‘Ryan Thomas Smelle’ or as a duo/trio under the name the ‘Ryan Thomas Band’.  His music crosses many genres and includes acoustic, folk, pop, rock, country and adult contemporary.  Ryan will liven up any venue with his charismatic performing and interactive crowd engagement all while providing some ear pleasing melodies. Ryan’s passion for creating his own original works has re-emerged after a hiatus from the music scene to take care of issues with his young and growing family.  He is now the proud father of two.  These personal experiences have helped Ryan to grow emotionally and creatively as a song-writer helping him to offer heartfelt lyrics and soulful songs. Ryan is open to a variety of cover performances, as well, playing hits from the 60’s to today in a variety of genres. Enjoy Ryan Thomas Smelle’s new style of songwriting on all streaming platforms, or dive into his older pop rock catalogue, on the website, to experience his songwriting evolution.  You can also catch him at a venue near you and enjoy some engaging family friendly music that will make you tap your foot and move along.

ABOUT THE SONG: “Story to Tell” – out now

Written the day after having to unexpectedly say goodbye to my four legged buddy.  Not the first time I’ve had to say farewell to a pet, but there is always a period of numb.  I also had a friend, at that time, succumb to his battle with cancer and those two things inspired this song. 

There is an unmistakable feeling when in grief where things just don’t seem to matter.  I put pen to paper and the lyrics reflect it. There have been many who have connected with this song, emotionally, and made their own personal connections to the lyrics.  These comments have inspired me to release it as my third single off of ‘In The Homestretch’.” – Ryan Thomas Smelle

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