Time for this week’s 8 Tracks – and in this collection we’ve got some serious heavy-hitters and instant favourites. Turn the volume up to 11 and give ’em all a listen!

Nelson Sobral – Pendulum

Let’s kick off the list with an all-time favourite – our lovely and talented pal Nelson Sobral just dropped a fantastic new track, and we can’t get it out of our heads. And if you want more of Nelson, be sure to check out his weekly livestreams on Fridays!

Dreamers – Palm Reader ft Big Boi x UPSAHL

Get your butt up off the couch, you’re gonna want to move to this alt-rock electro-pop track by Dreamers. It also features the one and only Big Boi of Outkast, as well as UPSAHL. 

The Royals – “She Never Came Home That Night”

The Royals have some stellar indie rock songs, and this one is no exception – very cool layers to this single. Give it a spin, then do yourself a favour and check out their whole discography!

The Carbons – “Queensway”

We’ve got The Carbons back on FTS, this time with a drinking tune that bring out lots of nostalgic feelings. If there was a modern day version of Cheers, this just might be the theme song.

Varvara – “On My Way To You”

Here’s a fun track from Finland’s Varvara – it’s got a 90’s feel to it, in the vein of a Pixes-meets-Weezer-meets something all their own. Enjoy! 

Retro Video Club – “Checkmate”

After a 2 year hiatus, Retro Video Club are back with a great indie pop single. This one makes me think of Hotel Mira, which is a high compliment coming from me. Check it out! 

Riot Spears – “Devil & the Sea”

Here’s some fun new grunge-y alt rock from Germany – Riot Spears. This is from their debut album, “Bad”. Well worth checking out! 

in earnest – “your dog / good boy”

The latest double single from in earnest got me right where it hurts – a love for dogs. “your dog” is for their dog Murph, and “good boy” is for a dog who passed away a year ago. If you know me, you know how I feel about our dogs. So these songs hit me right in my feelings, but they’re also worth sharing because they’re just so damn well done.