Dear Rouge
Photo: Lindsey Blane

Vancouver-based duo Dear Rouge have recently released their third full-length album, Spirit, along with their latest single “Gimme Spirit”. Ahead of their upcoming Niagara show at The Sanctuary, we’ve caught up with Danielle and Drew McTaggart once again – this time to chat about the new music, the evolution of their sound, and their superhero alter-egos.

From The Strait: Tell us about your latest single, “Gimme Spirit”.

Dear Rouge: “Gimme Spirit” is a song that speaks to digging deep within yourself to find the reasons why you started dreaming, and going towards your goals you had in the beginning. There’s an energy when you first start something you love that sometimes life knocks out of you. When we wrote this song it almost felt like a reboot of finding the core reasons again. We love this track and we know it will reenergize a lot of people in the way it did us.

FTS: We’re excited that you’re coming back to Niagara, playing The Sanctuary in Ridgeway on June 10th. How does it feel, getting back to live shows?

Dear Rouge:  Ridgeway is amazing and we just love playing good shows with great people. The Sanctuary and the crew that run it are A+ individuals we’ve stayed in touch with and will always support like they’ve supported us. Can’t wait to rock.

FTS: You’ve just released your third album, Spirit – how would you say your music has evolved since your first release?

Dear Rouge: It’s been a growth season in all ways. I think the music reflects that entirely. I know there’s bravery and honesty on this album. I know I’ve found a deeper meaning and love for others and myself through this. So no matter what, I know it’s meaningful and it’s gonna bring people together. Can’t wait to see what comes of it all.

FTS: Dear Rouge’s music has never shied away from important messages and meaningful lyrics. What are some of the messages you’d like listeners to take away from your new music?

Dear Rouge:  We want people to feel like they’re not alone. We’re all in this journey of life together, doing our best. The more we can lean in to community the better we become.

FTS: Lastly, if both members of Dear Rouge were superheroes, what would each of your powers be? And what would you call yourselves?

Dear Rouge:
Danielle – to fly and sing waves of joy over people in the form of rainbows. (FLYLOVER)
Drew – Levitating guitar player that would slay people with magical riffs. Haha (RIFF FANTASTIC) obviously.

Check out “Gimme Spirit”, the latest single from Dear Rouge!