The Dirty Nil

Ahead of their new album, Free Rein to PassionThe Dirty Nil have just released their latest single, “Celebration”, a heavy, riff-laden rock ‘n roll track with a stellar video to go along with it. We caught up with the Nil once again, this time chatting with drummer Kyle Fisher about the new music, what makes a venue a great one (as a musician and as a concert goer), and some of the band’s non-musical hobbies. 

From The Strait: Tell us about the new single, “Celebration”.

Kyle Fisher: Luke finally put together some words for a riff he had for two years and it instantly became one of my favourites on the album. Celebration is the sexiest song we’ve ever made. I mean what could be sexier than passionate love at the end of the world?

FTS: I read that the upcoming album, Free Rein to Passions, is a decidedly more heavy, raw, and less polished album than recent releases. Was that a purposeful direction, or just what happened organically when creating the new songs?

Kyle Fisher: It mostly came organically in the process of writing and recording. After the pressure we felt making Fuck Art and having outside influnces pull us in different directions, we decided to focus on doing what felt good to us. We got very into the spirit of what Free Rein To Passions means and approached everything with only our desires in mind. The process was incredibly rejuvenating for us as a band and it shows on the album in a way I don’t think any of us expected. It’s some of our finest work to date.

FTS: The first two singles from the new album have been outstanding – what else can fans expect from the rest of the songs?

Kyle Fisher: We experimented with some new things all over the album. There are drum machines, a campfire sing-a-long moments and of course shredding riffs and slamming choruses because that’s what we do.

FTS: What has been your favourite venue to play thus far? (And what, in your opinion, makes a venue great?)

Kyle Fisher: This one is always so tough. Two of my top venues are: Saturn in Birmingham, AL (they have the best green room) and the Opera House in Toronto (beautiful space and great sightlines). A great venue needs great staff, good greenrooms and bathrooms and good access to food (even better when it’s free). As an audience member though I like good access to a bathroom and good sightlines.

FTS: What are some of the band’s non-musical hobbies these days?

Kyle Fisher: Sam and I are into film photography. We always have cameras on us and walk around taking photos often. Luke likes to paint with watercolours from time to time he even made some alternate covers for Fuck Art with watercolours.


Check out “Celebration”, the latest single from The Dirty Nil!


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