We took a week away from our music content, but now we’re back & ready to share some great songs with you. In this week’s collection, we’re spanning genres, styles, and countries – give these 8 tunes a listen!

Picture The Scene – “Get Out”

We like to share music that gets our asses moving – and with this song, we couldn’t help it! Picture The Scene is a great UK band bringing accessible garage rock with their new track. 

outside in – “Morning Warning”

At first listen, I definitely heard an A Perfect Circle / Maynard Keenan sound here. Great melodies on the chorus as well, this song really has us looking forward to more from this band.  Check out “Morning Warning”!

The Brave Faces – “Lots of Nights Out”

The latest single from The Brave Faces is a summery indie pop/rock track. To me, it sounds like The National embraced the best of the 80s and then modernized it. It’s definitely fun, and worth your listen! 

Just Drive – “Someone To Love”

This song is solid indie rock, with some pop elements to make it even more accessible. The vocals were the first part to stand out to me, but overall “Someone To Love” by Just Drive is just really well done and incredibly likeable.

Cigarettes After Sex – “You’re All I Want”

Now this is a dreampop sound I can get behind. It’s not a bubblegum or overly poppy tune, just a really dreamlike indie rock song with low, quiet vocals and standout guitar riffs. Give “You’re All I Want” by Cigarettes After Sex a spin or two.

Fever Dolls – “The Distance”

These guys have a big sound – you can bet that their live shows must be energy-filled with lots of audience participation. It’s damn infectious. Have a listen to “The Distance”, and let us know your thoughts!

Paragon Cause – “Lost Cause”

Ottawa-based Paragon Cause (who you may remember from past posts here on FTS) have just released their latest album, What We Started, once again partnering with Sune Rose Wagner of The Raveonettes. Stream the full album here, and check out “Lost Cause” below!

Forgetting The Future – “Bluetooth”

Forgetting the Future is a great indie rock outfit from Scotland, and their latest single “Bluetooth” is a straight-ahead indie rock tune, with a great melody and driving guitar. I’m ready to dive into their entire catalog.


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