The Bros Landreth
Credit: Kendra Hope

Here at FTS, we’re always happy to hear new music from The Bros. Landreth (fun fact: our first-ever video interview was with Joey Landreth, back in 2018). Their latest single, “Stay” is an absolute gem, released alongside a video that is simultaneously adorable and relatable. We caught up with Dave and Joey to chat about the song, the best and worst parts of touring, their superhero alter egos, and Joey’s cooking prowess.

From the Strait: Tell us about the new single, “Stay”.

Joey I had originally started writing this song for a solo record I was going to make. I had the idea of trying to make a record in my apartment, all on my own. This was one of the first tunes I had written for the project. When Dave and I started talking about the next TBL record, he asked if I had anything that I had been working on. I offered up all the tunes that were ready-ish and we finished them up and voila!

Dave –  This was one of the first songs that we finished on the new record. When we got to the end and everything was in place and ready to mix I remember sitting back and thinking: “It really sounds like we’re doing something different.” I definitely heard us in the song, but it was clear to me at that point that we had managed to stretch out of our comfort zone. It was exciting to feel like we had successfully pulled that off while still managing to keep our voice intact. It stood as an early affirmation that we were on the right track.

FTS: When working together on music, what is your songwriting process like?

Dave –  Typically we start ideas on our own and then bring them to the table. A few lyrics, a melody, a chorus… I think I tend to bring things really early when they’re in their nascent stages. Joe usually chases them down a little farther. In most cases, by the time I’m hearing one of his ideas, I might make some small lyric suggestions, but they’re often done or really close to it.

JoeyYep, what Dave said!

FTS: Since “Stay” is a song from the perspective of a touring musician, what would you say is the best part about touring? And the worst?

Joey – There is so much about touring that is wonderful. Playing music is definitely the principle joy but also seeing and being with friends. After 15 years of touring, I have collected friends all over the world and the only time I see them is when I’m on the road. You also go deeper into your friendships with your tour mates than a regular job. It’s very special. The worst part is definitely being away from home. Though some places you travel to start to feel a little like home, there really is no place like your actual home.

Dave –  The best part is playing shows every night. That’s the part of this whole rodeo that I fell in love with and it’s stamped on my spirit in a big way. I also really enjoy seeing new places and being exposed to different cultures and meeting new people. I’ve always loved traveling. The hardest part is, without question, being away from my partner and my son. They make a huge sacrifice by letting me leave to do this thing that I love — the time spent apart weighs heavily on all our hearts.

FTS: If the The Bros. Landreth were superheroes, what would each of your superpowers and superhero names be?

JoeyMy super hero name would be Dadman(think Batman). Like Batman, I don’t have supernatural powers. Mine are laser focus and determination and willingness to try to fix anything even if I probably shouldn’t. I also have a long list of service professionals that I can call on when I inevitably break something and need to call in a pro.

DaveI’d want one of those really tough names like, Gambit (he was my favourite X-man), or Cypher, or something like that. My superhero power would be never being late for the bus. I could show up at any time and the bus would just roll up casually like 30 seconds later. And the fare reader thing would be broken so the bus would be free. Maybe it would be busses and subway trains too while I’m at it. Free public transportation that’s always on time. That would be my superpower.

FTS: Possibly the most important question you’ve ever been asked in an interview, but after watching the video for “Stay” it must be asked… can Joey actually bake?

JoeyI haven’t wandered into the world of baking just yet, but it’s coming. I have been working on my cooking chops over the last two years and I feel like a trip into baking isn’t far off!

Dave – I don’t actually know, but more than likely yes! Joe is a very good cook and can be extremely meticulous. I think the leap into baking would come pretty naturally. In fact, I think it should be encouraged.

Check out the video for “Stay”, the latest single from The Bros. Landreth!