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Here at FTS there’s one thing we love more than great music, and that’s our rescue dogs. Matt Mays is also a dog lover, and that’s why he recently released an album called Dog City, featuring the single “Talking to the Sky” with a video starring his adorable dog Rhuby. We had a quick Q&A with Matt to chat about this past year, his experience recording this album, and how Rhuby is handling celebrity life now that she’s a video star.

From The Strait: Our last Q&A with you was back in early 2019 – a lot has happened since then (there’s an understatement). What has been your biggest take away from this past year?

Matt Mays: I think mostly just really gratitude. I’ve lived an incredibly blessed life and having this time off sort of forced me to look at life from the outside in. It made me feel very lucky to have this life in music.

FTS: As fans of your music AND serious dog people (we’ve got two, Gus & Daisy), we really dig Dog City and loved Rhuby’s adorable appearances on your Mantle Music livestreams. What made you want to create an album from the perspective of a rescue dog?

Matt Mays: Looking back now I think It was a way to channel my anxiety at the time. Dogs give me an inner peace that’s sort of hard for me to explain so it was nice just to live inside their world for a little while in such a tumultuous time. 

FTS: Did the experience of recording an album in your garage change your approach to making music going forward?

Matt Mays: Yes. invest in a space heater. Seriously though, it was a great experience for me to work in a different mindset. From the moment I started, I knew I would have a whole album written and done in a month. I’m not sure why or how, but something took over and I knew what was ready to come out.

FTS: Now that Rhuby is the star of her own music video, are you worried that the fame will go to her head?

Matt Mays: Absolutely. Her ego has become quite a problem around here, actually. Since her cred level at the dog park has gone through the roof it takes us forever to get out of there now. Autographs, paw prints, etc… fame is just something that she’s going to have to get used to and I’m hoping we can all get through celebrity dog life together in one piece.

FTS: What are your plans for 2021?

Matt Mays: I plan to record and release a lot more music. Also staying fit is important to me so that when we can play shows again they can be BONKERS.

Check out Matt Mays’ recent video from his Dog City album, featuring his dog, Rhuby! Peter and Leah of July Talk also collaborated on the song and video, so there’s no shortage of talent on this one.


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