Here’s another solid list of new tunes to add to your daily soundtracks. This week we’ve got a great cross-section of genres for your listening pleasure!

Brutus Begins – “Stuntman”

If you like Elliott Smith, you may dig this – Canadian artist Brutus Begins (psych-folk artist Ricardo Temporao) manages to channel similar vocals in this track, which self-produced in his attic during quarantine.

Topline Addicts – “Sweet Things”

Topline Addicts’ latest track “Sweet Things” will grab you right away. There’s a nostalgic feel to this song, and it’s so damn catchy I defy you not to like it. This is a great summer song! 

The Keystones – “Black Heart”

There’s such a familiarity to this song, and that only adds to what makes it so good. There’s a hint of 50s nostalgia, a healthy dose of garage rock, and an overall fantastic track.

Vagabond Specter – “Caravella”

Vagabond Specter’s influences shine through in this track (Interpol, Wolf Parade, and Radiohead, respectively). This is a guitar-driven dark alternative tune, and one we really enjoyed right off the bat. Have a listen!

Charlie Grant – “Love Letters”

If you don’t know Charlie Grant yet, here’s an introduction (or you can go read his Q&A post we did last month). Charlie has such insane talent and star power, he deserves to be a household name. Check out this track, “Love Letters” to get a feel for his more pop/rock side.

Tim Freitag – ” Hot, Cold, With & Without (Lockdown Party)”

If you want to dance along to this one, that’s the proper response – and the video is a party in itself, so you won’t be dancing alone! This is a fun track, and these clips shows an upside to lockdown.

Fast Romantics – “Pick It Up”

If you’ve never seen the Fast Romantics live, we highly suggest you do that (y’know… whenever live shows are allowed to happen again). In the meantime, they’ve just released a new track with a video made while social distancing – and it’s a killer tune, as expected.

Sameer Cash – “Keep Kicking”

Toronto singer-songwriter Sameer Cash is back with his latest single, “Keep Kicking”. The song touches on pushing through the dark moments, and growth through discomfort. An appropriate message for current times. Give it a listen!


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