8 Tracks

We’ve got one hell of a collection of new songs in the latest 8 Tracks feature, and they all deserve your ears. Check out the mini reviews and words from the artists, and then listen to what’s sure to be some of your new favourites. 

Sik Mule – “White Widow”

Pairing stellar punk vibes with melodic garage rock, this song is an absolutely addictive ball of energy. The vocals are channeling Danzig at his best, the drums are addictive, and the whole song is like a sweet gut punch that you’ll gladly take again. From the Band:“It’s about being fed up with the soul-sucking, corporate American existence. How life creeps up on you and the feeling of existential dread. This tune features some screeching, yet soulful vocals accompanied with a fast beat and rock guitar.”


The Carbons – “Good News”

Here’s the latest from The Carbons – it has a stadium rock, anthemic feel, with lots of a big rock energy. From the Band: “Forged in Western Canada, The Carbons are a rock trio known for their multi-climactic live shows, deep powerful vocals and huge groovy drums.”


Superswell – “Dutch Courage”

Another track from alt rockers, Superswell. This new single features raw, rough vocals, and lively guitar riffs. Great grunge sound to this one. From The Band:Superswell’s sophomore single, “Dutch Courage”, is a satirical ode to booze. Despite its heavy message about using alcohol to cope with social anxiety, the song evokes nostalgia for crowded college dorm parties. It’s evident that the band channels Nirvana with this track, but with thrashy guitar runs and lush extended chords during the choruses, the song demonstrates innovation. “Dutch Courage” is also the last song recorded at historic Sabella Studios (Marcy Playground, Public Enemy) before a freak fire ravaged the building only hours after their session. Much of the unique vintage equipment that they used perished. In a way, this lore plays into the song’s haunting tone. 


SUNKIN – “Bellicose Grounds”

Solid energy and bright guitar, catchy vocals and melodies, plus a stellar, driving chorus. Love this one. From The Band: Living in the wake of Covid, experiencing a cost of living crisis, and feeling the repercussions of a poorly delivered BREXIT, ‘Bellicose Grounds’ tells a story of a young couple feeling the neglect of their society. “Are you bound to all them costly delights?”…SUNKIN are posing a question that too many people are currently asking themselves. A question they never would have thought they would have to ask. Although dark humour is used to illustrate this story in a somewhat melancholy way, Joe Ferdinand (principal songwriter) injects a more belligerent tone into the bridge, writing “And I don’t want to trace my tracks of changing granny pads, I’d rather dream of a life with you”. Defiantly, Ferdinand is expressing his desire to move forwards and not be shackled to the harsh climate surrounding him. 


Modern Alibi – “Seventies”

As far as debut singles go, this one is sure to knock you off your ass! Great alt rock with indie pop elements – catchy yet edgy, and absolutely impossible to ignore. I’m ready for more! From The Band: In Modern Alibi’s debut single, “Seventies”, the protagonist metaphorically relays the feelings of hopeless attraction. With influences from alt rock greats such as Arctic Monkeys, the driving music and lyrical imagery convey the passionate energy resulting from emotions swinging wildly between thrill and panic. The memorable chorus embodies the uneasy feelings of losing control and trying to resist the temptation and adventure alluded to in the verses. 


Christian Turner – “Barely Listening”

Another killer track from Christian Turner. So far he’s had some of my favourite tracks this year (and this is only the second release, so that’s saying something). Big, gritty, riff-driven indie rock and vocals you can’t help but wanna yell along to. Turn this one way up. From The Artist: Christian Turner is a Canadian indie rock band out of Toronto with Christian Turner (Teenage Kicks) on vocals and guitar, Jeff Takahashi on bass, Gavin McCleod and Mitchell Dunn on guitars, and Konrad Commisso on the drums. 


Gringo Star – “Told Me Once Before”

Here’s something a little different for this week’s list – there’s a very cool mellowness and unique style to this song by Gringo Star. It has an almost retro feel, with a somewhat spooky quality to it. I think you’ll dig it. From The Band:‘’Told Me Once Before’ represents one of the most minimalistic approaches to recording a song we’ve ever done. Most of the instruments were recorded live through a handful of mics. We tried to capture most of the song in the room live as a band on our ‘70s Neumann u87 microphone and later had our great friend Dave Claassen come in and add the string parts. It was a song I wrote during Covid isolation and Nick and I got together soon after and finished off the loose ends.”


Miesha & The Spanks – “Moms Jeans // Moms Genes”

Always stoked to get a new song from Miesha & The Spanks in my inbox. In this one, we get a first-hand account of Miesha Louie’s take on motherhood, punctuated by the rock energy and swagger we expect from the duo. Gritty, driving guitars and drums, plus Louie’s killer vocals – all alongside some relatable and honest lyrics. Turn it up! From The Band: “It’s more than just about the new mom-fit jeans that I’m wearing though, that’s just the metaphor. It’s also the super tough mom genes that get us through that day to day of ups and downs and emotional manipulations and breakthroughs and pure joy that come with our role as Matriarch.”