The Dirty Nil

The Dirty Nil’s latest release, “The Light, The Void and Everything,” is a track from their most recent album, Free Rein to Passions. The band had long been looking for a song that would perfectly accompany a video paying homage to David Lynch’s “Blue Velvet”, and this song was it. Featuring Wade MacNeil (Alexisonfire, Gallows, Dooms Children),  as the villain, “The Light, The Void and Everything” was set on an exact replica of the movie’s set. We caught up with The Dirty Nil to chat about the song and video, their first “holy shit, this band is successful” moment, and the advice that 2023 Nil would give to their 2008 selves.

From The Strait: Tell us about the new single, “The Light, The Void and Everything”.

The Dirty Nil: It’s a beautiful song that Luke wrote about death and the cosmos. I’m pretty sure he wrote it when he was going through COVID fever dreams. I really wanted him to do it solo acoustic but the whole band really brings it to another level.

From The Strait: What first made you want to create a music video to resemble the look and vibe of “Blue Velvet”? And how did Wade get involved?

The Dirty Nil:  George Petit actually pitched the idea to Luke back in like 2014 or something like that. We have been trying to make this one for a long time and we finally had a song that fit that Lynchian aesthetic. Luke asked Wade if he wanted to do it and he was down. Simple as that.

From The Strait: How do you gauge personal success in music, and at what point did you realize “holy shit, this band is successful”?

The Dirty Nil:  Steve Albini said something about success meaning “doing what you did today again tomorrow.” Another one my friend Dan Ozzi said was “the only reward for good work is more work.” I kind of base it off those two ideas and add in whether or not you’re still growing. As long as there’s growth then there is success. Sometimes you will regress a bit and that’s okay as long as you keep moving forward.

For the Nil, I think going out and touring America and having people come to shows in places we only dreamed about was a pretty big deal. The first real “Oh shit” moment for me though was probably our first sellout Toronto show which I think was at the Silver Dollar (RIP).

From The Strait: Do you have any pre-show rituals?

The Dirty Nil: Luke gives us all a big fat kiss and then we kill.

From The Strait: It’s been 15 years since The Dirty Nil released the first EP – what would 2023 Nil say to 2008 Nil?

The Dirty Nil: Trust yourself and go for it. It’s going to work out.


Check out “The Light, The Void and Everything” from The Dirty Nil!

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