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Philadelphia, PA-based indie artist Nicole Saphos has just released “Keepin’ Eyes”, the latest single from her upcoming album, Figure Eights, due out in February. While upbeat and pop-tinged in style, “Keepin’ Eyes” was written from the perspective of a practiced lurker, who seeks control by constantly surveying their partner’s misgivings.

The inspiration for the song started when I was watching the Netflix show “You” (a playful thriller which centers around an obsessive narcissist turned serial killer.) Without giving away any spoilers of the show, there’s a big perspective shift in the second season, and I enjoyed playing with that idea of a moral shift throughout the song,” says Nicole. “Lyrically, I was trying to tread the line between being strung out on paranoia, and coldly self aware; “lookin’ at you can’t help”. My goal was to leave people wondering “Wait, who’s the psychopath here? The person singing, or the person they’re singing about…?

Despite the subject matter, there’s an overall positive feel to “Keepin’ Eyes”, brought home by the upbeat chorus. I adore the focus on the bassline; it works so well in juxtaposition to the bright guitar riffs, and Nicole’s lovely, melodic vocals.  The song has a groovy, soft-rock-meets-indie-pop sound, but packaged in a new and fresh way that feels honest and unique. With such a pretty overall package, there’s also this great underlying rawness to it that really makes it stand out. 

If you’re in the area, Nicole will be playing “Keepin’ Eyes” and other songs from the album with her full band at their release shows at Rockwood Music Hall (NYC) on 2/17 and Kung Fu Necktie (Philadelphia) on 2/23.

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