New Divide

Manchester alt-rockers New Divide reached impressive heights with their debut single this past year, garnering press and radio support not often achieved by newer acts. They’ve just released their latest single, “Delora” – a hypnotic alt-pop track that is set to hit the same heights as their previous single.

Delora is the amalgamation of the toxic people in a relationship that manipulate their partner, controlling them through guilt and conditional love until they become the only one you rely upon,” says New Divide band member, Charlotte. “Written when their corrupted love turns to an obsession over another, someone, or something else, you learn that you have begun to covet their attention, to depend upon them.

The vocals on “Delora” are haunting and lovely, with the moodiness of the song adding to the overall allure of the single. The song incorporates dark dream pop sensibilities, indie rock undertones and an anthemic alt rock feel, all working together to showicase the band’s many influences and styles. The chorus has the perfect amount of catchiness and depth, creating a hypnotic effect that will stick with listeners long after the song is over. This is no cookie cutter sound – New Divide have created a new mould for themselves, with their own brand of accessible rock.

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