Glenna Jane

Brooklyn-based solo artist Glenna Jane is showing her range with her new alt-rock / pop single, veering away from the bubblegum pop sounds of her first release. “Playing Dead” is a song about familial trauma and the difficulties of being the eldest daughter in an immigrant family, featuring lyrics that clearly paint a picture and a more mature sound for the artist.

A haunting sonic behemoth of distorted drones and ringing riffs, my new single “Playing Dead” nurtures a darker shade of rock, unraveling fatalistic aloneness by tracing a troubled childhood,” says Glenna Jane of her new release. “Veering from the saccharine pop sensibilities of my debut single “Late Bloomer,” I teamed up with my producer Taro Hyodo to birth a brutally raw second single – merging my signature vulnerable vocals, indelible melodies, and diaristic lyricism with the late 1990s and early 2000s alternative rock and post-grunge soundtracks of our youths. Enlisting mixing engineer Daniel Neiman and mastering engineer Gabi Grella, “Playing Dead” further marks my sonic maturation.”

While Glenna Jane’s vulnerable vocals add a sweeter tinge to this single, “Playing Dead” is far from a happy pop song. Crunchy and droning guitar riffs, driving drums, and dark lyrics punctuate the alt rock sound. There’s a grungy nod to 90s rock here, and a rawness that is almost tangible. Glenna Jane (and her producer, Taro Hyodo) have managed to fit an incredible amount of grit, emotion, and haunting melody into two minutes and fifty-three seconds. And I think it’s safe to say that this isn’t the last we’ll hear of this artist, as she is certainly one to watch.

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