We’ve got the weekly must-hear tunes and mini reviews ready to make your perfect weekend playlist.

Brooklyn Doran – “This Town Won’t Miss You”

Here’s another beauty by Brooklyn Doran. Power and emotion abounds in this track, and that’s fitting for a song all about nostalgia.

FXRRVST – “The Story Doesn’t End at Chapter 14”

We’ve got Canadian indie duo FXRRVST back on FTS, this time with their latest song about letting someone know they have support when it’s needed. Great track with a solid message.

Mute The TV – “Did You Ever Think It Would Be Like This?”

Ireland’s Mute The Tv have just release their fourth single, and it’s a fun indie rock jam that takes you on a bit of a ride. am I still singing the chorus after listening? Yes. Yes I am. Give it a listen!

Fluse – “Look Around”

This track draws you in right away, from the opening guitar riff – Fluse has a memorable rock track with this one, give it a listen! 

The Haunted Youth – “Teen Rebel”

Here’s a song that has a bit of psych rock, a bit of pop, and an overall unique and likeable sounds from Belgium’s The Haunted Youth.

Modern Hinterland – “No Escape”

Here’s an upbeat song from Modern Hinterland – it’s a boppy indie rock single with three part harmonies, heavy crescendos and some latin influence. 

Miesha & the Spanks – “I Want Fire”

We’ve got another new one from Miesha & the Spanks up on FTS – and this one’s a garage punk banger! Turn it up.

The Minimum Wage – “Afraid of Everyone”

These guys are truly From the Strait, hailing from right here in Niagara – they’ve been writing and recording separately during lockdown, creating a killer eclectic indie rock sound. Check out their latest, “Afraid of Everyone”.


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