photo credit: Nate Jeanette
photo credit: Nate Jeannette

Niagara’s own trio of alt-rockers Whatzername have just dropped their third single, “Heart of the Undead” – this one is grungy and full of distortion with poppy vocals. We had a chat with the band to find out more about the song, how they’ve been keeping busy, and their deserted island album picks.

From The Strait: Tell us about the new single “Heart of the Undead”.

Whatzername: It’s a song about living in chaotic times, fear, but remaining strong, Keeping focused on your dreams and goals, and not giving up. While you’re alive, you’ve got time. Heart of the ‘undead’ aka the living.

FTS: This is now your third single – what are some things you’ve learned since you put out your first single?

Whatzername: That we are continuing to expand and grow musically and gel more as a band and learning more about who we are and what we’re trying to accomplish artistically. Lyrically there has been more of a focus on the message we want to get out there. Mostly sarcastic but overall hopeful. Just trying to be a light during these dark times for listeners.

FTS: How have you been keeping busy music-wise during these strange times?

Whatzername: We finished recording our album, which was crazy to do during COVID but we had mostly everything done but vocals, once stage 2 happened in Niagara we went back to the studio and finished. Ash and Clarisia have both been busy writing songs and overall we all practice to keep our chops up. We all did a bit of live streaming individually but we really missed playing together.

FTS: If you were stranded on a deserted island, what 4 albums would you want with you?

Whatzername: Ash – Heaven & Hell (Black Sabbath & Dio), Jess – The White Album (The Beatles), Clairisa – Danger Days (My Chemical Romance), Nimrod (Green Day)

FTS: Describe each band member in one word.

Whatzername: Ash – resilient, Jess – polite, Clairisa – unashamed

Check out Whatzername’s new single, “Heart of the Undead”!


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