Say goodbye to July and hello to August the right way – listening to these eight new tracks, and checking out our mini-reviews. There’s lots to love in this week’s collection! (But please try not to count how many times the 90s are mentioned…)

Meantime – “Tightrope”

At first listen, I heard some Stone Temple Pilots influence (which is a big compliment coming from me) – I may be way off base here, but either way it’s a great alternative song. Give “Tightrope” a listen!

Basic White – “Brigade”

Basic White is back on FTS with their new track, “Brigade”! Killer energy to this song, with a catchy chorus and guitar riff.  Great video to with it, too. Put this one on repeat!

Sunny Disposition – “Rain on Your Parade”

Here is the latest track from Australian four-piece, Sunny Disposition. “Rain On Your Parade” is a great indie rock tune with a unique simplicity that makes it easy to like right away.

The Coolers – “Karen”

I’ll admit, when I first saw that this song was called “Karen”, I was expecting something awful as many on-trend songs tend to be. But my 90’s indie rock heart was pleased when I heard this song – catchy, boppy, & awesome.These guys really do look like they’re having a good time. I hope to hear more from The Coolers!

Pulse Park – The Equidistnce”

I know I often compare songs to 90s rock (and this week’s collection clearly shows that), but sometimes it’s just slight sounds that remind me of my favourite songs from that decade. This song does that. Pulse Park’s new single “The Equidistance” would’ve been right at home on my old mix tapes, just as it’s fitting on my current playlists. 

Scott Helman – “Papa”

While “Papa” by Canadian singer-songwriter Scott Helman isn’t the usual genre of music that we write about, the song and accompanying video brought on so many emotions, we had to share it with you. Give it a watch. But grab a tissue first.

The Side Dog & Scott Donachie – “Fool On The Wall”

There are so many fantastic aspects to this song, I’m not sure where to start. Smooth vocals, funky guitar, a pinch of alt-country…. all put together in a package that is so unique and well-done. Check it out!

Tripper & the Wild Things – “Rollercoaster”

We’ve got Tripper and the Wild Things back on FTS with their latest track, “Rollercoaster”. It’s another seriously great one from the Canadian band, with fantastic vocals, and a killer chorus that that takes me back to – yup, you guessed it – the 90s! I’ll stop talking about the 90s now. Go listen to the song while I try to learn about other decades. And turn it up!


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