Swiss Brooklyn-based alt-indie artist Sam Himself recently released his new EP, Slow Drugs, featuring the single “Like A Friend”. We had the chance to chat with Sam about the new song, dream collaborations, and what’s next for the musician.

From The Strait: Tell us about the new single, “Like A Friend”.

Sam Himself: I wrote “Like a Friend” during a time of real uncertainty, when I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to continue playing music. The song is a pact with my future self that if the time came to give up on that dream, I’d be honest with myself and break it to myself gently, so to speak. The fact that I was able to continue doing what I love, with that moment of crisis turning into a song that people actually listen to, makes me very grateful. 

FTS: How would you describe your sound in 5 words or less?

SH: Bedroom Stadium Fondue Western

FTS: If you could collaborate with any artist (living or dead, no matter the genre), who would it be and why?

SH: So many. I have an insanely long list on my phone. I’m gonna say FKA twigs because she’s a genius and I love her voice. To me, she’s an oracle of where the Zeitgeist is moving (or should move) but she’s so deeply genuine that everything she does is unmistakably hers in a way that transcends style. Also she could probably give me great advice on how to up my dancing game. 

FTS: What’s next for Sam Himself?

SH: I’m dying to go back to Brooklyn and take the 1001 songs I wrote during quarantine into the studio. Then I’m back in Europe in the fall for my postponed spring tour. No rest for the wicked.

Check out the latest single from Sam Himself, “Like A Friend”!


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