Toronto-based JUNO award-winners MONOWHALES are about to set off on a headlining tour of the US and Canada this fall. Ahead of the tour, they’ve just released their latest single, “Hear Me Out”, so we caught up with the band once again to chat about the new music, the highlights of their past year, and some of their most memorable live shows.

From The Strait: Tell us about the new single, “Hear Me Out”

MONOWHALES: It’s a wild storm coming out of the mute of the pandemic to the full roaring loudness of live shows. This song shows both sides of the coin and what my internal dialogue looks like when I don’t have that in my life. In short, I have a hard time. My place is in rickety vans, gritty green rooms and rooms of incredible weirdos who want to feel at home like me. That’s where I feel most comfortable.

From The Strait: It’s been almost exactly a year since our last Q&A with you – what are some of your career highs and highlights since last summer?

MONOWHALES: We went on a full headlining tour and just came off the road of summer festivals and touring with Grandson across the country. Needless to say it’s been great to get out there and see everyone in person! On that note with the release of this song we announced a full fall headline tour in Canada and the States! Playing live shows will always be the highlight of what we do.

From The Strait: What do you do when you have an overload of songs written – how do you choose which ones make the cut?

MONOWHALES:  We discuss amongst ourselves for a while, then have our close friends, family and team listen and try to get their unbiased opinion, and then put it to a vote. Lately we’ve been on the same page about what we are into though.

From The Strait: What was the coolest (and/or weirdest) live show you’ve ever played?

MONOWHALES: There are so many fun ones, notable is London, ON who bring us tortillas to play with on stage every time we go there! Another is Calgary who sing every word to every song! And weirdest was maybe Regina, Sask with MOTHER MOTHER, we had no idea what to expect and the crowd was so colorful and loud, it was unforgettable the energy in that room. We love it. The weirder the better. Those are our people.

From The Strait: What’s one question you wish you were asked in an interview? (And what’s your answer to it.

MONOWHALES: What’s everyone’s fav fruit in the band? Sally, Mango. Jordan, pineapple. Zach, the classic apple.


Check out “Hear Me Out”, the latest single from MONOWHALES!

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