Lost In Japan

London, Ontario indie rockers Lost In Japan have recently released their sophomore LP, Night Talks, including the recent single “Run” – a song written for the fans who have stuck with them on their journey as a band. We caught up with Lost In Japan to chat about the new music, their favourite things about being musicians, and the coolest live show they’ve ever played.

From The Strait: Tell us about the new single, “Run”.
Lost In Japan: Run is our final single for our 2nd LP ‘Night Talks’. If you’re looking for some early 2000s indie rock vibes look no further. Run is about the uncomfortable feeling we all go through when we face making things right with an argument.
From The Strait: What are some of the bands and artists you’ve been listening to most these days?
Lost In Japan: Big fan of ‘Two Door Cinema’ right now. They’re just such a fun band to pass the driving time between practices.
From The Strait: What are your favourite – and least favourite – things about being a musician?
Lost In Japan: Favorite thing has got to be the interaction with a live audience and meeting new interesting, cool people. Now the least favorite thing for us has got to be how broke this lifestyle makes us. Lol.
From The Strait: What was the coolest (and/or weirdest) live show you’ve ever played?
Lost In Japan: I mean coolest has got to be a show we played at this festival on windmill lake. It was an outdoor show right beside a lake and people were boogie boarding all night in the background. (I think that’s the name of it) it was certainly cool to play right on the water.
From The Strait: Describe each band member in just one word.
Lost In Japan: Okay so I’ll try my best with this one. For Chris (guitarist) he’s definitely Chaotic. Karl (bassist) gonna have to say he’s a sweety. Karl always is trying to help in every way shape or form. For myself Addison (lead singer, guitarist) I’d say one word to describe myself is amazinglycool and also humble.

Check out “Run”, the latest single from Lost In Japan!
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