Toronto-based six-piece Beams has been steadily making music for over a decade. Ahead of a highly anticipated new album, they’ve just released a three-song EP called The Spark In Your Eye, featuring the latest single “Take Back Ten”. We caught up with Beams to chat about the new single and video, what they think makes a venue great, and the members’ superhero alter egos.

From The Strait: Tell us about the new single/music video, “Take Back Ten”.

Beams: “Take Back Ten” is about healing paranoid delusions and celebrating love. Not necessarily new love, but the love that was around the whole time, unable to be felt, now apparent in everything. The video, directed by my super talented longtime bestie Beth Warrian, follows two light buddies as they pool-hop, roam the suburbs, and fall for each other.

From The Strait: How did Beams first get together as a band?

Beams: Beams formed in my basement during a lull in my music life. I made a post on social media asking if anyone wanted to come over and jam on my songs, and over the course of a few months we arranged enough tunes to start playing shows. Most of us had already been in other bands together so it all came together quite naturally.

From The Strait: You’re currently touring Canada and the US – what, in your opinion, makes a venue great (as a performer, and also as a concert-goer)?

Beams: What makes a venue great? Well, great sound is a must. It should feel safe and comfortable, too. A great venue is also accessible, no one should feel like they can’t go to a show because they’re not sure if they’ll be able to get inside, get to the washroom, be able to see the stage. A great venue also wouldn’t price gouge you on every tiny thing. Unfortunately, I don’t think we have a lot of great venues around. We have lots of good ones, though. Very good ones.

From The Strait: What are some Canadian bands you’ve been listening to lately?

Beams: Canadian bands we’re listening to, that we’re not in, are By Divine Right, Zinnia, Ombiigizi, Yoo Doo Right, Sham Family, Bonnie Trash, Burner, Zoon, Dusted, Isla Craig, Merival, Burs… the list goes on, artists past and present. There’s a lot of talent in Canada in so many different scenes.

From The Strait: If all six members were superheroes, what would each of their superpowers and names be?

Anna – Aquareale (breathes underwater)
Heather – Black Magic Petunia (fights evil with black magic)
Martin – Babel (understands and speak all languages)
Keith – Clockwork (time travels)
Craig – Chicken Wing (flies)
Mike – The Glue (sticks unlike things together into novel monstrosities)


Check out “Take Back Ten”, the latest single from Beams!

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