Oh, hey there. You look like you could use some new music. Well, we’re here to provide! Check out the latest 8 Tracks Collection and discover some new favourites.

Judah & The Lion – “Beautiful Anyway”

This song has been out for a little while, gaining popularity across Spotify’s editorial playlists and music charts. Check out the latest from Judah and the Lion.

Birdman Cult – “Time”

If you like droning guitars and a solid mix of post-punk and garage rock, the new single from the UK’s Birdman Cult is one to check out.

The Nursery – “Radium Girls”

Toronto’s The Nursery is back with their new track, “Radium Girls” This is a cautionary tale inspired by the documentary Radium City. The single tells the story of women who died due to poisoning from their work.

Howlin’ Circus – “Let Your Love Burn Out”

We’ve got Canadian band Howlin’ Circus on FTS again, this time with garage-rock/bluesy jam. Black Keys fans will dig this for sure.

Nathan Cain – Cartography (a map of you)

Here’s a cool track from Nathan Cain – it’s got a drawl to it, like a sexy slow jam with bedroom pop feels, but definitely still a rock tune.

Gamblers – “Do I?”

Here’s a track that’s light and summery and easy to listen to – along with a fun video to boot! Check out the latest from Gamblers.

Keith Mosfet – “Change Your Mind”

A brand new tune from Canadian Keith Mosfet – hard not to move to this one! It’s got a great garage rock feel, with fuzzy vocals and a a prominent drum beat, with great guitar riffs.

Fever Dolls – Death Comes (For Good Sons)

A feel-good track with great vocals and a catchy chorus. If you’re prone to groovin’ in your seat, beware – this’ll get ya moving.


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