A little later than we intended, but we’ve got your next list of 8 tracks ready to go! In this collection, we’ve even added a a couple of holiday-related tunes… because, why not?

Jane’s Party – “I Want It Bad”

Jane’s Party is back on FTS – this time with a lighthearted, nostalgic holiday tune, sure to get you in the spirit (if you’re so inclined to be!).

Colour of the Jungle – “Humblebee”

Not only is Colour of the Jungle’s “Humblebee” a great song, but it’s also part of a good cause! They’ve teamed up with Humblegarms to donate proceeds from the single to Bumblebee Conservation Trust, a charity which makes efforts to monitor and conserve bumblebees and their habitat.  So have a listen, then grab the single!

Anthony da Costa – “Sooner Than Later”

Here’s a fantastic indie rock track from Anthony da Costa, an artist who started out at the young age of 13. Check out the latest from this singer-songwriter.

The Satellite Station – “No Escape From The Rain”

The Satellite Station is Travis Rue, a multi-instrumental singer-songwriter who uses his storytelling skills to deliver indie folk songs with haunting melodies and deep lyrics. Check out his single, “No Escape From The Rain”.

Lea Porcelain – “Sink Into The Night”

I got a great Radiohead vibe at first listen of this tune from the Berlin-based duo, but with a more indie rock sound to it. It’s well worth a listen, and will make you want to hear more from them.

Paco Versailles – “Libertine”

Here’s something a little different than we normally feature on here – Paco Versailles bring a funky tune with their self-described “dancemenco” sound. Warning – it’s very likely to make you dance around your living room. And we at FTS fully encourage that.

Howlin’ Circus – “Love Can Wait”

The next holiday tune on our list comes to us from Toronto’s Howlin’ Circus! Check out the live acoustic video, and hear more non-holiday songs on their new album, Run The Wrong Way.

Dan Taylor Band – “Limestone City”

Kingston’s Dan Taylor Band have a slick new track, “Limestone City” – an homage to their hometown. While it was the first song we’ve heard from the band, we can honestly say they’re one to watch. Have a listen!


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