It’s Friday, and you know what that means – we’ve got eight new tunes and mini-reviews to check out, to get you weekend-ready.

Caleb J.E. Brown – “Ellie”

“Ellie” is a fantastic new indie rock track from US artist Caleb J.E. Brown. It’s a slower toe-tapper with great melody and killer guitar.

GU¥ – “Shock & Surprise”

Within the first few seconds, the guitar riff definitely reminds me of Deftones – once the vocals hit, it’s a unique sound that I really dig.

Danny Wright – “Help”

If you like more accessible pop-punk with alternative sensibilities, “Help” by UK artist Danny Wright is a song that needs to be on your playlists.

Sunfish – “Whatever”

This song is fun and catchy as hell – it’s about ditching shitty friends, which pretty much anyone can relate to. Give it a listen and check out more from these guys!

The Heavy Hours – “Don’t Walk Away”

This one is a head-bopper, and hard not to like. If you like indie, country, folk, pop, alt-rock…. this tune has elements of them all! 

Jason Kane & The Jive – “Machine of Dreams”

Grab your dancing shoes, you’re gonna need ’em. This song is a funk-tastic rock ‘n roll jam, and the vocals remind me of Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes. Turn. This. One. Up.

Darren Jessee – “Cape Elizabeth”

Fans of singer-songwriters, folk artists and the like… this one’s for you. A beautiful and thoughtful song from Darren Jessee, who was previously the co-founder and drummer of Ben Folds Five.

Mixed Kid Fridays – “Noises In The Night”

Catchy gang vocals in the chorus, great indie rock verses – lots to like in this one! Give “Noises In The Night” a spin!


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