8 Tracks

An 8 Tracks on a Tuesday? Damn right. We’re throwing out the rule book and going rogue around here. And this week’s tracks are sure to get you through the mid-week slump!

Rebelle – “Kicks”

First up, an alt-rock band from Quebec. “Kicks” takes me back to some late-nineties alternative, but with a modern twist. From the band:“Based on what frontman David Taggart witnessed as a bartender at the only bar in his small town, “Kicks” is Rebelle’s latest track about people coping with the ups and downs in their lives.” 

Badluv – “Relentless”

If you like Royal Blood, you’ll love this one from Badluv. He creates alt rock songs with meaningful messages. From the artist: “Relentless is about going after your dreams, despite negative thoughts comments and outside forces.”

Van Bellman – “Bad Fun”

The pitch line for this one was “What if Jack White produced a Nirvana song?” – well, that got my attention. The latest from Van Bellman is solid garagey alt rock, with provocative vocals and a chorus that will embed itself in your head and make you wanna listen again and again. From the band: ““Bad Fun” is a bluesy grungy anthem for seeking out naughty trouble in seedy places with seedy people. This modern take on garage rock is the first track from Van Bellman’s debut EP “Feelers”, due out in 2022. You may have seen frontman Zac Taylor playing guitar and banjo for multiplatinum pop artists American Authors. This new song is the sort of rock & roll he strongly prefers. “

Lost Arts – “Self Destruct”

If you like Queens of the Stone Age, Lost Arts are right up your alley – but they also have their own style of alt rock that is well showcased in this track, “Self Destruct”. From the band: “Self Destruct was the first song Lost Arts wrote when the lockdowns were first eased in the summer of 2020. Although Lost Arts lyrical content usually deals with the inner conflicts & confusion that comes with fading out of your youth into adulthood. But the continuous division and hatred that seems to infect our timelines on a daily basis became impossible to ignore. Self Destruct was not written with any notion that it would solve the worlds problems but more with the intent of pointing out what should be more obvious, people are more interested in ridiculing people for having different outlooks on life than they are in having conversations that may result in solutions. “ 

John Ward – “Chop Chop”

Garagey and grungey, this song has fuzzy vocals and great guitar riffs. From the band: “This is freedom. It’s a song meant to feel like the moment when you just let it go and you don’t even care what they think about it. This song is an attitude. It’s leaving. It’s the bird. It’s see-you-maybe-never-and-i-don’t-care-when.”

The Darcys – “Running for the Hills”

Always great new tunes coming from The Darcys – and this one is accompanied by a “Thriller”-inspired video you need to see. From the band: “We’ve wanted to make a horror movie inspired music video for a while now, but we’ve never had a song that fit. With Running For The Hills, this treatment immediately added a fun and new layer to the song’s lyrics. Is this what Jason is talking about running from!? I’m really proud of all the acting, he looks so terrifying, and I’ve since had a hard time seeing him in a normal light,” shares Wes Marskell. “Music videos are hard to make, and this one took a village, but I think we pulled off something really memorable and just in time for Halloween! I especially love the post credit sequence…”

Darling Congress – “Your Dog Don’t Like You”

Here’s the debut single from Darling Congress (Peter Van Helvoort, Keegan Powell, Brent Wirth, and Brett Emmons). This started as a solo project for Peter (Teenage Kicks), and morphed into a very cool collaboration. Check out the video featuring his adorable dog, and stay tuned for a Q&A coming soon!

Neon Jesus – “Red Lips”

Here’s a track that Alan Cross just featured as an “Undiscovered Gem”, and we’ve gotta agree. From PR: With his new single “Red Lips” Canadian recording artist Neon Jesus opts for a road rarely, if ever, travelled, fusing blues-inspired guitar with the relentless pulse of electronic dance music. And though the pairing is historically unconventional, the result is an electrifying, genre- defying track, ultimately leaving an indelible mark on the listener.