8 Tracks

It’s Halloween weekend, and we’ve got eight new songs that are scary good.

Huron Lines – “Ready Fire Aim”

We’re kicking this week’s list off with an FTS favourite – Huron Lines are back with a brand new track, and it’s as good as expected. From the band: “This song is kind of about that moment when you are staring down the barrel of a bad relationship and wishing the words would slow down and the listening would start back up. Listening more and talking less usually end up bringing you closer together whether it’s your partner, your neighbour or someone halfway around the world. The song exists in that moment when blurting something out is probably not the wisest thing one could do if there are any plans of resolving things between yourselves.”

The Moors – “Wild”

Another stellar track from The Moors – and this one is an indie rock post punk sonic treat that I will happily be listening to over and over… and over. From the band: “”Wild” is song written by Mohsin that evokes a post punk bolero in meditative flow, flying high on a Pixies-ish chorus, to finally resolve at the end with a psychedelic guitar freak-out ala Funkadelic’s “Maggot Brain.””

Ryan and Pony – “Start Making Sense”

You want some energetic indie rock? You got it! Ryan and Pony’s new track is a stand-out, and has some solid 90s appeal that I’m always a fan of. From the band:“What a vastly different time we live in compared to the era that inspired The Talking Heads to create “Stop Making Sense!” We have gone too far. Ignorance, intolerance, and racism has no place here. Now it is time to START MAKING SENSE. We can do it, people!”

The Sherlocks – “End of the Earth”

Here’s a great new track from UK band, The Sherlocks. If you dig Arctic Monkeys, Kaiser Cheifs, and similar bands, you definitely want to check this band out and dive into their discography. From the band: “End of The Earth is a riotous and wildly triumphant return to music for British alternative rock band The Sherlocks, who returned after two years with a new band line up and a new sound for this first single from their forthcoming third album. “

Anorak Patch – “Delilah”

This fantastic new song is actually by a group of teenagers – very impressive. “Delilah” is off of their debut EP, which is already catching the eyes and ears of people all over the UK (and now Canada). From the band:​​“Delilah is a story. It’s about a girl who’s struggling her way through life…the song is sort of a snapshot of how difficult life can be when you are in a bad headspace without good people around you. It’s a lonely place to be. The ‘town’ is just a reference to wanting something more than the place you grew up in…I guess in that sense it’s a little autobiographical. We are from a little place in Essex, it’s not a bad place, but we collectively dream that by playing our music we will have a chance to move out of its orbit.”

with Bravado – “I’ve Seen A Ghost”

Can’t have an “8 Tracks” list on Halloween weekend without a fitting song, right? Here’s “I’ve Seen A Ghost”, which is simultaneously a little spooky and a little topical. Well worth a listen. From the artist: “A spooky and introspective song, I’ve Seen a Ghost explores the darkness of self-doubt and disenfranchisement, but ultimately pivots mid-song, emphasizing the need for courage, confidence, and determination.”

Elbé – “Following”

Here’s some mellow indie folk rock from Ireland. It’s an easy song to listen to, and an easy song to like. From the band: “‘Following’ is an elated, impelling tune lyrically and musically. Loosely written about a childhood memory of a faux treasure hunt orchestrated by Seamus’ favourite uncle. The lyrics are visual in nature with nostalgic autobiographical undertones.”

A Will Away – “Karma”

If you’re a fan of Weezer and other indie rock bands with pop sensibilities, A Will Away is right up your alley. Their latest track is fantastic, accompanied by a must-see video. From the band: ““Karma”, filmed at a high school not far from where the band members grew up in Connecticut. According to director Brent Campanelli, “‘Karma’ is a cinematic coming of age film, sonically driven by a timeless anthem, where the viewer sees through the eyes of both student and teacher, as they’re taught life’s coldest lesson.” That lesson, according to A Will Away, is the relatable truth that “sometimes karma comes from out of nowhere and kicks you in the ass.” Sonically, the song lightens the mood with full on anthemic Rock n’ Roll energy, replete with epic guitar solos and harmonic vocals powerful enough to knock listeners out of whatever rut they might be in.”