The only guarantees in life are death, taxes, and our weekly 8 Tracks collection. (Don’t quote me on that.) Here are the latest mini-reviews and tunes for your earholes!

Multi-Ultra – “Price I Pay”

I was immediately grooving along to this new track from Multi-Ultra – “Price I Pay” is an indie rock tune with some poppy summer vibes that really make it stand out. There’s a great nostalgic feel to it, perfect for this time of year.

Contour – “Sweet Comfortable Nothings”

Next up we’ve got new song by Contour, an alt-post-rock project based out of the GTA. “Sweet Comfortable Nothings” has a sound that harkens back to some of the best alternative songs from the early 2000s. It’s deep, it’s interesting, and it’s a tune I think you’ll dig.

TARBOX – “Cursed”

This song has solid post-grunge and alternative vibes. “Cursed” is a track that “expresses the feeling of powerlessness and confusion experienced after the loss of a loved one.” It’s simultaneously melancholy and hard-hitting in a great way.

Eamon McGrath – “Cannonball”

Here we’ve got a wonderful new track from Eamon McGrath, this time featuring the amazing voice of Edmonton-based singer/songwriter Cayley Thomas. Give it a listen, then go read our Q&A with Eamon from this past spring.

Joe August – “Lotus Flower”

 I absolutely love the guitar riffs in this intro, and the rest of the song has some very cool psychedelic vibes – turn your speakers way up, & give it a proper listen! 

Tall Blonde with Rebecca Digervall – “Daisies”

Here’s some really cool indie pop for your weekend – “Daisies” has a sultry feel and a catchy chorus that’ll get you moving. Tall Blonde is set to release their new album Ponderosa this fall, so be on the lookout for that.

Drawing Room – “Castles”

If you’re a fan of The Strokes, this track just might be up your alley. It’s the first song by Graham Bockmiller (previously in Yacht Punk and Great White Buffalo) from his new project, Drawing Room. It was recorded in Graham’s home studio in Los Angeles and finished at Singing Serpent studios in New York City. Such a great tune, I can’t wait to hear more.

Nightshifts – “Rest”

Next up is a dreamy shoegaze tune that is so perfect for summer. “Rest” has “striking, swirling synths and muffled, hazy guitars, giving us the atmospheric dreamland of Nightshifts”. In other words? It’s one you need to hear.