The first weekend of June is here, and with it comes some stellar new tracks. New artists and old favourites are in this week’s collection, so dive in & find something you dig!

5606 (fiftysixosix) – The Letdown

We’re kicking things off with some instantly likeable pop-tinged punk from 5606 (fiftysixosix) – this band has been a staple in the Bay Area Pop Punk Scene for the past 20 years, and it’s pretty obvious why. Check it out!

Phantom Atlantic – “Man Like You”

Really loving the latest from Phantom Atlantic – “Man Like You” has some haunting melodies and vocals that build up to a solid guitar solo. Turn this one up, and let us know what you think!

Pat Byrne – “Just a Venial Sin”

This next track is from Irish artist Pat Byrne – immediately, it’s a song I could hear Matt Mays performing, so if you’re a fan of his, this should be on your radar. It’s fantastic indie rock/Americana. 

Death Waits – “Empty Me”

This one is a really cool track from Canadian band, Death Waits. It’s a harder Nirvana-meets-QOTSA sound, up until the chorus when it gets a bit more catchy. Overall, I’m loving their brand of alt rock and excited to dive into their back catalogue. 

Protonaut – “Kowtow”

Love the energy on the latest track from Germany’s Protonaut – “Kowtow” is a garage rock tune that is definitely one that would get the whole crowd dancing at shows.

Lightning Swells Forever – “Let It Blow”

Here’s a great rock tune coming all the way from Japan – “Let It Blow” is hard-hitting and memorable, with lyrics that are based on the Pied Piper story.

Tuff Sunshine – “My Greatest Hits”

Brooklyn’s Tuff Sunshine (aka Johnny Leitera) just dropped a new single, “My Greatest Hits”. This one is a really cool, laidback song that has a great semi-acoustic groove. 

iskwē & Tom Wilson – Starless Nights

Another wonderful collaboration between iskwē and Tom Wilson, following up their last single “Blue Moon Drive”. “Starless Nights” was written by Misha Bower, and features an amazing cast of players. Give it a listen, then go read our past interview with iskwē!