It’s the last weekend of November, so let’s end this month right – here are eight new tracks to round out your playlists and get you ready for December.

Moonspeak – “Frozen Fountain”

This is a very cool track, great for folk fans, alternative fans, and rock fans alike. “A slow and heavy folk rock song with an analogue synth soundscape, a cathartic chorus and a one-take solo at the end.”

Morning Trips – “Di/Hi”

This is some really listener-friendly alt-rock with great punk sensibilities. Enjoyed it a lot, and I bet you will, too! 

Le Saiint – “Tangled”

I may say it a lot, but it’s fitting here – this song is infectious as hell. Great indie rock with pop brightness from US group, Le Saiint.

Labelled Dead – “Wasted”

Here’s a great alt rock song from the UK’s Labelled Dead. Catchy guitar riffs and great vocals, plus a mood shift at the chorus. Listen to for the added heaviness after the 2 min mark. 

Hannah Crowley – “Teeth In The Water”

Hailing all the way from Ireland, Hannah Crowley has just released this song and it’s a pure indie pop bop. Warning – could cause living room dancing.

The New Madness – “You’ll Know My Name”

We’ve got some fun, butt-shaking garage rock here – perfect for your Saturday afternoon. This track is from The New Madness’ debut album, be sure to check it out.

Night Without Cars – “Endless Days”

Drawing influence from bands like Local Natives, Beck and the 1975, Night Without Cars’ latest track is a great mix of rock, pop, and some 90s vibes (which you know I dig). The result is really accessible, and worth a listen! 

Rich Aucoin – “Kayfabe”

Let’s end this week’s list with a fun one from Rich Aucoin – this video was originally going to be made before the pandemic, but it was cancelled. So, he went ahead and made it with action figures instead. Check out the video, and enjoy this killer genre-blending track!


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