Welcome to the weekend! Here are your eight weekly new tunes and mini-reviews, wrapped up and ready for you to discover a new favourite.

Borrowed Sparks – “Are You Listening”

Fans of Gaslight Anthem and Dave Haus had better listen to this track from Borrowed Sparks – you’re bound to be fans, like we are.

Sean Ashland – “Off And On Again”

At first listen, the vocals remind of Layne Staley, and then I hear some Queens of the Stone Age vibes, and maybe a bit of Nirvana thrown in for good measure. All of that is pretty high praise from me, so how could I not share it? 

Alexis Perry – “Fade Into You” (Mazzy Star Cover)

Though we don’t feature a lot of covers on here usually, this one struck me – the original is a favourite of mine, and it’s one that is hard to cover. Many acts who have tried can’t come close to the original. But this one is wonderful. The 18 year old singer manages to capture Hope Sandoval’s emotion, and the slide guitar and cellos add a great touch.

Alter Apex – “So Yeah”

If you’re a Stone Temple Pilots fan – or, even more so, a Velvet Revolver Fan – this new track just might speak to you.

Moscow Apartment – “18” (Remix by Thieves Like Us)

The latest release by Moscow Apartment is a remix by Thieves Like Us – it’s a tellar shoegazey dream pop track, give it a listen!

Hucksters – “Rewind into the Future”

Hucksters is a band that is coming out strong with their debut single – “Rewind into the future” is some seriously good indie rock, with a touch of pop to add more accessibility. Really well done.

Stone Deaf – “Cloven Hoof”

Here’s a fast-paced rock tune, great for fans of Rated R era Queens of the Stone Age. Turn it up!

Teenage Kicks – “I Hate Christmas”

Rounding out this week’s list with a Christmas tune from an FTS favourite – Teenage Kicks / Peter Van Helvoort dropped this holiday track recently (which you can also find on our Holly Jolly Jerks playlist), and we’re diggin’ it.


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