8 Tracks

I dunno what day it is. I’m not entirely sure what year it is. But I do know that these eight new songs are darn good, and will give you something to listen to while you camp out on the couch until next year. Enjoy!

Vertical Space – “Think Again!”

There’s a bit of a mellow Deftones sound here, but it’s very atmospheric with an almost poppy vibe while staying within the alt rock genre. From the band: “The song is about overcoming alcoholism. Some of the lyrics are dark but the song is really happy- the singer tells the audience he does “not answer to” his addictions demands.”

Thunderbeast – “Andale”

Killer intro, great energy, and a fun unique sound to this one. You definitely want to check it out, and get ears on the rest of their stuff. From the band: High Intensity, positive, and rocking! Cool intro, killer drum fills, and great parts throughout!”

Stone Turner – “Over the Edge”

As far as debut singles go, this is a solid one. If you’re a fan of Royal Blood, QOTSA and similar bands (plus I somehow got a bit of a Jane’s Addiction vibe that is probably just me), these guys are your next favourite band. Really well done. Excited to hear more! From the band: “With their debut single “Over The Edge”, 2021 breakout hard rock band Stone Turner cements a first step into a wide world of heavy, fuzzed-out tones with swollen guitar riffs that gallop over and hit you square in the gut. This massive track features industrial movement, thundering rhythms, and transcendent solos while blaring gritty, desperate vocals in a critical attempt to communicate the importance of the dying human art of risk-taking.” 

Black Pines – “Chains

Another Royal Blood type sound here, really digging this one from Black Pines. Solid rock song, great energy, catchy as hell, and is probably amazing live. From the band: “Black Pines channel Royal Blood, Elbow and Nothing But Thieves in new single ‘Chains’. Originating from Essex, the 5-piece are back with a promise of a new EP in 2022 with ‘Chains’ the first taste of what’s to come. New video below features Ainè Rose Daly who stars in the Amazon Prime series HANNA.” 

Dynamo Fuzz – “MD”

There’s a minimalist-ness to this track that I really enjoy, it lets the music stand out on its own. The guitar riffs and vocals get to be front and centre, and really shine. From the band: “The focus of the song lyrically is that depression can really fog your mind and make you think that things aren’t like what they are.” 

Ryan Cassata – “boy on boy”

A little more mellow than our usual 8 Tracks features, but it’s just so darn sweet and likeable, I cant help but share it. Well worth a listen. From the artist: “An LGBTQ love song between a trans guy and his boyfriend 🙂 The song is about falling in love.” 

Gentleman Speaker – “The Lost Art of Losing Battles”

This song straddles the line between indie/alt rock and early 2000s emo – the result is a really likeable sound, one that you’ll probably bop your head along to. From the band: “The entire album details the struggles of a quickly blossoming and subsequent similarly quick collapse of an overseas relationship, and The Lost Art of Losing Battles is a look at the situation a year removed, when the lyricist has been faced with evidence that their romantic interest has found love elsewhere.” 

Ronjo V – “Short on Love”

This sound would pair really well with road trips and sunshine. It’s a great folk-tinged indie rock song with a melody that evokes some positive yet bittersweet feelings. From the artist: “As an avid Van-lifer, “Short on Love” captures feelings of hitting the open road, and searching for those unknown destinations, with a little sun in my eyes.”