8 Tracks

Hey you! Yeah… you. You need to listen to these eight new songs. They’ll help you look younger, make you live longer, and cut your bills in half. (But no guarantees.) Check ’em out!

North of Nowhere – “Oh Brother”

Here’s a great Canadian band with their latest single, “Oh, Brother”. This song has a bit of a Canadian Gaslight Anthem sound to it, which I’m really diggin’. But it’s also a song from the heart, which makes it even more important. From the band: ““I wrote this song shortly after my oldest brother’s funeral,” said North of Nowhere’s Dylan Ellis (he/him). “I spoke my version of an open apology to the universe at the altar during the service. That ended up being a eulogy for a man who lived hard and fast, and how it all made sense when he passed away.” 

The Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer – “Pretty Please”

Always happy to hear music from The Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer – and since it’s been awhile since we’ve had the pleasure of seeing him live, this is the next best thing! From PR: “Recorded live off the floor – this tune is incredibly raw and a part of their new album “Live At The King Eddy” 

Slightest Clue – “Baby Jade”

There’s a great uniqueness to this song – it’s definitely alt rock and indie rock, but with an almost jazzy lounge-y feel that keeps it really interesting and different. From the band: “Inspired by the city, culture, and general malaise of the West Coast.”

Scooped Up – “Dislexic”

Here’s some pop punk for the list – it’s short and sweet, so you might as well listen twice! From the band: “Dislexic is the second single off of our upcoming sophomore album. We shot this music video at our favorite local breakfast joint. its called Little Lasse’s. they were nice enough to let us shoot a video there and it came out exactly how we planned. This was the first music video we wrote a script for and it made the recording and editing so much smoother. everything just fell into place because it was written out. every two seconds of the song had a shot planned for it so It was a lot easier and more fun to make. The song is about when two people don’t know they like each other and are oblivious to the signs. eventually realizing after the fact when the moment is gone. “

J Thoubbs – “Flash Flood”

So many different rock genres melded into one here. Definitely worth a full listen through, just to unpack all the layers of this solid song. From the band: “I came up with this one while I was stuck in a desert canyon surrounded by storm clouds. It felt extremely chaotic and almost as if a flash flood could occur at any moment.” 

Vision Arcade – “Tie-Die”

This song is hard not to groove along to, with the great bassline, solid guitar riffs, and catchy vocals. From the band:“This is the fourth song we’ve released on our month song schedule. This song is about a relationship between people that is both strained and at peace like most relationships.”

Ruby Cross – “Young Dumb Fools”

Really liking this new track from Ruby Cross – it has a bit of a 90s indie pop vibe to it, but she’s able to really stand out with a new sound of her own as well. The result is incredibly likeable, and she’s definitely one to watch. From PR: “The new single from much hyped South London songstress Ruby Cross, drawing on elements of PJ Harvey, Wolf Alice & Florence and The Machine”

Skittish – “Foulbrood”

Such a cool track – give it a minute or two to get the full effect of the different musical styles and sounds all rolled into one track. Looking forward ot hearing more from them! From the band: “Foulbrood, coming from the term for a sickness ravaging a colony of bees, is about income disparity and the protests against management happening at a factory where I used to work.”