The Thing With Feathers

Nashville-based indie trio The Thing With Feathers mix alt-rock and indie pop to generate their sound, heavily influenced by bands like Coldplay, the 1975, and the Strokes. They’ve just released their latest single, “Everything I’m Missing”, a song that pushes the boundaries of their genre to create a fresh approach.

The song definitely has a greater sense of nostalgia for us compared to the other tracks on the record in which we were a bit more determined to push the parameters of our genre and create a new modern rock sound, ” says frontman David Welcsh of the single.

With a sound that brings elements of garage rock, indie pop, and a nostalgic 90s rock style, The Thing With Feathers’ latest single stands in a class all its own. Full of catchy melodies and infectious guitar riffs, it’s a hooky song that will appeal to a wide array of audiences. There’s an upbeat feel to it, making it perfect for mainstream radio play, while still keeping its indie rock edginess. Their last two singles found music media success, and there’s no doubt that “Everything I’m Missing” is about to do much the same. Do yourself a favour, and keep this band on your radar!

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