Following the critical success of their debut EP and subsequent singles, SWiiMS has recently released the much-anticipated follow-up album, Into The Blue Night.  This is the first full-length album from the Toronto trio, accompanied by a video release for lead single, “In Puzzles”. Into The Blue Night features twelve songs that meld indie rock styles with fuzzy, jangly guitars and lyrical poetry.

“There are many recurring themes that run through this record,” says singer Mai Diaz Langou of the new album. “Love, Loss, Loneliness, Self Isolation, Beauty, Joy, Nostalgia and Remembrance etc. The album was inspired by the bits of all of these emotions and how they intersected during a global pandemic.”

Lead single “In Puzzles” is the perfect song to start out the album – a compelling intro bursts into a vibrant indie rock sound, punctuated by Mai’s lovely vocals. Bright guitar tones and a lively pace add a poppy element, furthering their accessible musical style. It’s also a solid representation of the album’s overall sound and feel, and a great introduction to the band if you haven’t heard SWiiMS before now.

While it’s tough to pick just one other song that stood out to me the most (because, let’s be honest… the entire album is a knockout), “A Million Stars” offers such a perfect balance to the brighter songs, with its moody feel and breathy vocals. To me, it sounds as though Mazzy Star got an updated, edgier sound for modern music fans.

Overall, the album offers an indie sound that is simultaneously catchy and full of nuance. The vocals offer an ethereal vibe, guitar tones add depth, while the drums lock in on the confident rhythm. Ranging from bright indie to more melancholy sounds, there’s such a great shoegazey element through; from the captivating style of “In Puzzles” at the beginning, to the mellow positivity of “Diving In” closing out the album.

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