Rival Karma

UK-based musical duo Rival Karma have a sound that they describe as “NinjaRock” – they pair edgy rock riffs with catchy vocals and meaningful lyrics, creating songs that are instantly likeable and memorable. They’ve recently released their latest single, “Jesus Is From Chico”, from their upcoming EP Powerduism.

From Rival Karma‘s press release: The duo state “The song was born on the road”, Martin (Vox & Guitar) and Pj (Drums) describe this song as a dive into the feelings of touring musicians/artists, it is about the conflict between doing what they love the most (touring) and at the same time the feeling of missing out on important things that are part of their everyday lives at home. It also describes the sense of de-realisation linked to denuding yourself in public every night, leaving a piece of your soul on stage again and again.The confrontation between the ephemeral consumption of their entertainment and the wholeness of their performance each night.   

Right off the bat, this song is a straight-ahead rock tune. Guitar riffs shine throughout, and the vocals have a smooth, Josh Homme-esque appeal to them. “Jesus Is From Chico” pairs garage rock with grunge influences, and an accessibility that would appeal to a wide audience of indie and alt rock fans. This is definitely one for your playlists. And if you dig this track, I highly suggest you take a dive through Rival Karma’s back catalog for more gems, and stay tuned for their new EP.

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