8 Tracks

Having way too many stellar new songs to share is a pretty good problem to have – but we’ve whittled it down to eight, as always, for this week’s list, and we hope you dig ’em all!

Revolution Above Disorder – “Illuminate”

A very cool mellow psychedelic sound to this debut single from Canadian artist, Revolution Above Disorder. According to the artist’s PR, this song is “a powerful and euphoric post-punk / shoegaze single rooted in new wave and electro rock – a melting pot of post-punk, psychedelic rock and electronic music underpinned by raw, sincere vocals.” 

Basement Revolver – “Tunnel Theory”

A solid shoegazey indie rock track from Basement Revolver, who we always love – and this one comes with a serious and important message. From their PR: “Tunnel Vision,” a song very much about guitarist/vocalist Chrisy Hurn’s battle with bulimia and body dissatisfaction. Eating disorders are – for lack of a better term – a mindfuck. Unfortunately, many aspects of pop culture confirm elements of EDs by focusing heavily on weight loss, fat phobia, and unrealistic beauty standards.”

Said The Whale – “The Ocean”

Another great new track from Said The Whale, who never fail to bring the goods, musically –  this new single is a solid slice of indie pop, with an anthemic sound and a catchiness you can’t help but love. From their PR, “The Ocean” is “a song about the pandemic – more specifically, the connectivity of people, a notion which became heightened the moment we all became relegated to our living rooms.”

Sweet Alibi – “Slow Down”

Here’s something a little different than we normally post, but this song really grabbed me. This is for fans of Alabama Shakes, Bahamas, and bands with similar sounds. It’s an indie rock / indie pop/ shoegazey dream pop monster. From the band: “I was reflecting on how a capitalist society impacts the environment. The rate at which we develop and consume seems to be unsustainable for the health and longevity of the planet, and creates wealth division leaving a lot of people behind, struggling to have their basic needs met.”

Nihiloceros – “Baby Teeth”

A little Pixies, a little Fugazi. A little punk, a little indie. From the band: “Baby Teeth is the part of the story when we’ve scattered throughout space and the new species has evolved past humanity and only remnants of the vestigial humanity remains. It questions whether all trace of human history, legacy and earth culture are erased or if traces of human survive.”

Sister Void – “Feed Me”

Here’s something a little different than we usually feature. It’s a mellow shoegaze/dark wave sound, with fantastic vocals that are reminiscent of Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. From the band:“The story of “feed me” is inspired by the idea of being taken unknowingly to a cult meeting. Incorporates goth, shoegaze, electronic, and alt-rock influences.”  

Shoe – “Sometimes”

This killer track is the first one off of Shoe’s new EP, Pondworld. One cool little bit of trivia is that it was recorded using solar power. It was mixed by Mark Lawson (Arcade Fire, Timber Timbre), and is well-worth a listen (or two… or three).

Loose Buttons – “What’s On Outside”

Great indie rock track, love the vocals and general mellow rock vibe – this is the title track from the New York four-piece’s new album, also out now. From the band: “Thematically it centers around confronting the realities of loss – of people and dreams; of complacency and stability – and finding the courage to take stock of that loss head on without losing themselves in the process.”