Swedish stoner alt-rock band Repeat recently released a new self-titled album, available both digitally and on vinyl. Though the band hasn’t been together long, they’ve already received critical success in Sweden, as well as internationally. The release of this new album is set to amplify that recognition, showcasing a compelling blend of gritty alternative rock styles.

 “The idea behind the album is to provide a short and explosive experience of repetitive aggressive songs,” the band says of their new album. “We really prefer the short formats and a direct presence. The mix of stoner rock and alternative rock with loud very fuzzy guitars, rumbling bass and aggressive yet stiff drums, gives its own unique progressive style.

Overall, the eight-track album is hard-hitting and raw. Riff-driven style and catchy vocals are at the forefront throughout the release. Each song is under two and a half minutes, giving quick bursts of rock energy before moving onto the next – it’s a quick album you’ll want to immediately start over and listen through again. Fuzzy, distorted guitar  reminiscent of early Queen of the Stone Age is compelling and adds a driving pace to the album.

The album kicks off in a big way with “Repeat” (easy to remember – band name, album name, and song name). Fuzzed-out guitars deliver powerful riffs, complemented by infectious, repetitive verses and compelling vocal harmonies that form an irresistible earworm. It’s a hell of a perfect way to start off the album.

Another notable track is “You would know,” seamlessly continuing with the fuzzy riffs and hard-hitting drums. The explosive sound is perfectly balanced by the distinctive vocal style and catchy wordplay. This is the kind of song that would be amazing live, enriched by dynamic shifts, well-timed starts and stops, and an overall huge stoner rock sound. From start to finish, the entire album is a gem; I highly recommend turning it way up and grooving your way through it more than once.

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