Photo: Wayne Hoecherl

With the release of their long-awaited new album Crash The Time Machine, Canadian indie/alt rock icons Odds are back in full force. Alongside the new album, they’ve also released the latest single, “Staring At a Blank Page”, a defiantly joyful track about altering one’s perspective – a fitting subject on an album about struggle, a need for community, and a celebration of friendships.

 “We seem to, for some reason, resolve even our most dire songs with a weird sense of optimism, at least that’s what we hope happens,” says singer and guitarist Craig Northey of the new music.

“Staring At A Blank Page” stays true to the Odds style, with its catchy indie rock sound, singalong vocals, and lyrics you’ll want to learn as soon as you hear them. There’s a palpable feeling of optimism in this one, and even the title itself gives the idea of new opportunities and possibilities. The latest in a string of singles from new album Crash The Time Machine, “Staring At A Blank Page” fits within the record like a missing puzzle piece – the whole album feels like a complete story, front to back. And this song is one that I can’t wait to hear live, singing along with that catchy chorus.

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