8 Tracks

If you’re finding yourself in a mid-week slump, here’s a little pick-me-up for your Wednesday – eight new tracks sure to improve any music fan’ day. Check out the mini reviews, read some words from the artists, then turn these tunes up! 

Mission To Sleep – “Point of Failure”  

Mission To Sleep never fails to grab my attention with their tracks – there’s definitely a Deftones vibe to their sound, with tons of fuzz, heaviness, and melody. Here’s another stellar track, their latest single “Point of Failure”. From The Band:This is a song about social media vanity and living two lives — one portrayed in the digital world and one in real life. The chorus lyrics “Live a tabloid life, without magazine death” alludes to people living their lives online in hopes of becoming famous or notorious, but dying with the glamour and fanfare.


iskwē – “Sure To Come”

The latest from iskwe is sure to have you moving – intense vocals and a catchy groove make for a truly memorable song. From the Artist: The textured and beat driven electronic pop song speaks to the sense of calm which iskwē feels knowing that someday she’ll be forgotten. “We cancel each other at the push of a button, we crumble at the thought of being entirely alone. Whether it be our turn now or tomorrow, that day is sure to come,” explains the artist.


Julian Taylor – “Georgia Moon” 

 Another stellar track from Julian Taylor. Standout vocals and slide guitar, with a bluesy, moody, indie folk/Americana feel. It sounds like an instant classic. From The Artist:“This was one of the first songs that I had written and performed at the open stage at The Rose and Crown in Toronto. My friends in Staggered Crossing and I were aspiring under age musicians that would hop from one open stage to another in the Yonge and Eglinton area in the mid 90’s. There were several jams there, Broadway Bob’s, Scruffy Murphy’s, Kokomos, Cheers and The Rose & Crown. It was a pretty vibrant independent music scene then and that’s where we cut our teeth. I used to play this song frequently at open stages and it went over really well. It was never officially recorded and as I reflect on much of my work it felt like the right time to go back into the studio and finally nail it down.”


Messmaker – “Hard Act To Follow” (ft. The Sublets)

This is a huge song, perfect for fans of the rockier side of The Black Keys, Royal Blood, and early Arctic Monkeys. It’s catchy and edgy, with stellar, standout riffs. From The Band:This song was written on the show Happy Hour Sessions – you can see the process of it coming together in this episode! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phUkq-dDJqM


Joh Chase – “Sometimes”

 I’m a huge Fiona Apple fan. So when I hear a new (to me) artist that has some musical similarities, my interest is definitely piqued. Joh Chase’s new song has a badass Fiona appeal, with some indie pop sensibilities. Excited to hear more from this artist! From The Artist:Chase thrives on perceptive and emotionally resonant insight: they’re able to pinpoint a feeling with staggering clarity. The simmering Sometimes, which evokes Fiona Apple’s intensity, finds them singing, “Take a big stride in the path I’ve been given / But I’m trying to find if this is what I’m living for.” But “Risking It With You” is the best example of this. There they sing, “There’s nothing I can control that makes the hard parts easy. But something I know for sure: I’m devoted to risking it with you.” The song came about from Chase witnessing their friends’ relationships fall apart in dramatic and life-altering ways. “You witness that and think, ‘Who knows what’s going to happen in my own relationships,” they say. “I’ll just risk the fact that that could happen anytime. Something weird could happen but that’s just life.” To Chase, love is something worth the risk.


Sundried Whales – “Don’t Feel Bad”

Pairing the fast pace of a punk song and the shimmering guitar and vocals of an indie rock track, Sundried Whales have created a sound that stands out – catchy yet well-rounded, it’s sure to appeal to a wide range of music fans. From the Band:“Don’t Feel Bad,” is a vibrant and high-octane track that delves deep into the whirlwind of emotions that come with being madly in love. The fast-paced tempo and electrifying energy resonate from the first note, immersing listeners in the chaotic and intense journey of falling head over heels’


Mia Mera – “Back Down Alone” 

Mia Mera always brings a sound that makes my 90s heart happy. Killer riffs, captivating grungy sound, and vocals that suit the sound perfectly. Give it a spin, then check out Mia Mera’s discography for more gems. From The Band: Two minutes of 90s grunge-inspired hard rock conceived, written & recorded within the confines of a bedroom studio in Baltimore, Maryland. This helps capture the closed and isolated feelings within the songs lyrical content; to make a mistake and carry that regret for the remainder of your years can be paralyzing. But once you cross that road there is no going back, so love who you are because you can’t live without the choices that made your life what it is. 


Shawn Mosey – “One O’clock” 

This is a solid punk track with just enough pop elements to keep it catchy and fun while still keeping the big riffs and fast-pace. Turn it up! From The Band:“One O’clock” starts out as punk rock at furious pace, but the switch up into the chorus breaks it down into a head-nodding moment that’ll have folks singing along. The intensity resolves into those epic positive vibes in a song about realizing how much you have to be grateful for.