Formed by 24-year old musician Noah Roovers, NeverUnder is a UK-based punk-grunge band. They’ve recently released “Buddy’s A Dud”, the third single from their upcoming debut album. The song is a grungy 90s-style alt rock track with an intense vocal performance.

After I sang that song in the recording room, I fell on the floor,” says Noah Roovers of the the new single. “That’s what it’s all about: going above the limits, feel the abyss.

Right off the bat, “Buddy’s A Dud” will take you back to the early 90s when grunge was at its peak. Fuzzed-out guitars and intense vocals take centre stage here (and it’s worth noting that lead singer Noah Roovers destroyed his vocal chords while perfecting this sound – so there’s some true authenticity for ya!). As the drum sound gets bigger, the aggression takes over, and the intensity is dialled up, you just might be left wondering if you stumbled into a Seattle basement where early Nirvana was playing. NeverUnder’s undeniable rawness and grit bring on the nostalgia in the best way possible, and I’m looking forward to hearing their new album in full when it’s released.

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