Jane 'N The Jungle
Photo: Jim Louvau

Led by singer and songwriter Jordan White, alongside the guitar prowess of Brian Dellis, Jane N’ The Jungle is a grunge-tinged 90s alt rock band based out of Phoenix, with a huge sound and a message to send. They’ve just released their latest single, “Bed of Roses”, a song that is a “mix between comfort and ease filled with messy pixelations that blur our musical tongue tied optical illusion of emotions”.

“Bed of Roses” is like a beautiful 2,000 piece puzzle that is missing 1 piece, it’s almost perfect but has just one cork you can’t figure out,” says Jordan White. “I wanted to amplify a weird campiness with sound and performance art that I haven’t done before. [The song] is an artistic risk I was scared to make, but gave in to showcase a new version of myself.”

You can definitely hear the 90s influence in this song, which is a genre and decade that is always near and dear to my heart. Jordan White’s strong vocals pierce through Brian Dellis’ stellar guitar riffs, creating a dramatic and captivating alt rock sound. With stylistic changes throughout the song, we’re brought back to the core of the track with the catchy, anthemic chorus. This has all the necessary ingredients for a live show favourite, sure to have audiences singing along. It all comes together with a sweet yet melancholy ending; the perfect way to cap off this high energy track.

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