the rundown

The Rundown is our brand new feature, giving you a handful of new tunes that deserve your attention right now. Check ’em out!

The Recreationalists – “Waiting for the Animals”

Country: Canada

Genre: Classic Rock

Quick Pitch: “A song about dealing with the unknown…good or bad it can be what you make it but it’s 50/50”

The Crooked East – “Release Me”

Country: USA

Genre: Indie Rock

Quick Pitch: “The song is loosely based off of a series of novels I wrote about my struggles to understand and overcome OCD. I moved to Mexico City just before the pandemic to start putting my music into the world. My songs usually tell raw and honest tales of mental illness, addiction, the complexities of love, the search for identity, and the loss of innocence/religion–all things I’ve battled with in my life.”

Paper Tigers – “Graceless”

Country: UK

Genre: Indie rock, Alt-rock

Quick Pitch: “This song deals with the internal struggle of self-doubt and through self-doubt then self-sabotage. The horror associated with knowing the sanctity of your refuge has been tarnished.”

The Ritualists – “Of Anonymity”

Country: USA

Genre: Indie rock / Alt rock

Quick Pitch: “This song is a critique of the popular understanding of fame, the famous and the fanatical. Aggressive bass line as an interpretation of New Wave; musical jagged verse followed by a melodic hook.”

Robin Leway – “She Pretends”

Country: France

Genre: Pop/rock

Quick Pitch: “It is a song about love and the process anyone can go through when a relation falls appart. This is a classic rock / melodic rock song with a strong a and catchy chorus.”

Doom Flower – “Headlights”

Country: USA

Genre: Rock/punk

Quick Pitch: “Jess Price and Bobby Burg started recording Doom Flower LP with Matt Lemke but were derailed in March of 2020. Bobby remembered that Electrical Audio was built to allow smoking inside while not damaging the equipment, meaning the airflow is like outside! It was the perfect studio for the time! Doom Flower finished writing music over email before recording at Electrical Audio in Chicago. Areif Sless-Kitain played drums while Greg Norman captured sound and Neil Strauch mixed.”