8 Tracks

It’s the last day of November, and you’re about to be inundated with holiday music everywhere you go. So, we’ve got eight non-holiday tracks that you’re sure to dig – play ’em loud and drown out Mariah Carey!

Zero Cost – “Moving Up”

Holy energy, batman. This is the perfect punk-infused song to start of this list, and get you in the right frame of mind for some good tunes. From the band: “Fast melodic punk band from Hull, UK. Second single from Hull based punk power trio, Zero Cost.” 

Softcult – “Perfect Blue”

Next up is a new track from twin sisters Mercedes and Phoenix, of the Canadian indie rock duo Softcult. “Perfect Blue” is a solid rock track, with some mellow almost dreampoppy elements that make it interesting. From the band: “We wrote ‘Perfect Blue’ about a time in our lives when we felt like nothing was in our control,” explains  Mercedes. “In our previous project, we were signed to a label that butted heads with us creatively and  wasn’t allowing us to express ourselves authentically. They weren’t interested in the music we were creating at the time, so we became unhealthily obsessed with trying to please them to release anything  at all.”  

Edward Sansom – “Saturday”

Very cool new track from UK artist Edward Sansom – this is alt-rock that goes from sultry to energetic in a really engaging way. From the artist: “Written during the lockdown, the UK artist and producer invites his following over for one last night out. Sansom has created an upbeat, exciting track that will no doubt encourage people to come out for a social dis-dancing. The driven guitars and constant beat push the track forward and pull the listener in.”

Hipflask Virgins – “Dutch Courage”

To me, this song has an interesting mix of 90s grunge and modern garage rock – and it makes for a stellar sound overall. I think you’ll dig it. From the band: “Dutch Courage is the anthem for anyone that has ever got into trouble whilst under the influence. Sending that drunk text and regretting it the next morning. It has the loud/quiet dynamic akin to 90s alternative rock sound that keeps the adrenaline going. It’s rough around the edges with fiery vocals and heavy distortion, but don’t be fooled; there’s seriously catchy melodies and an anthemic chorus that you can’t help but bob your head to.”

Tapedeck 45 – “Johnny, How Could You?”

Catchy song with a bit of a throwback feel. There’s a great familiarity to it that makes it instantly likeable, which is interesting since it’s an old song that the band refined and re-released. From the band: “Johnny, How Could You? Is the first song Tapedeck 45 ever wrote, 5 years back when the band first formed. It’s also the first song they ever released, in a demo version that proved a surprise Spotify hit. Now, though, the band have had a half-decade of practice; they’ve worked on the song, refined it, recreated it, and it’s the lead single from their debut album, Tapedeck 45!”

The Lookout Service – “Hubba Bubba Baby”

We’ve been hooked on The Lookout Service since we first heard them, and their latest EP, I’m Not Going Anywhere, is a strong one. Here’s the newest single, “Hubba Bubba Baby”. Give it a listen, and be sure to check out the rest of the album!

Arcane Ghosts – “Rollercoaster”

Next up, we’ve got the latest from Toronto rock band, Arcane Ghosts. This is another band we’ve always been a fan of – and while I could give you a rundown of that new track, their own words really say it best! (Meaning – it’s good.) From the band: “Rollercoaster is a fun and energetic song that gets you hooked right off the bat with its intro guitar riff. The emotions that flow through your mind when listening to this song reflect the feeling of being on an actual roller coaster. Immediately from when all the instruments come in, they give chills as if you’re climbing right to the top. The laid-back verses reflect the slow, heartbeat-driven moments  when climbing to the top of the coaster with everything silent, and only your thoughts are heard in your  head.”

Ninebanks – “Innocent”

Here’s a new band from the UK with their debut single that came out back in September – if you’re a pop-punk fan, you’re gonna dig this one, and should keep an eye out for their next single coming out in December! From the band: “We are pop punk band going for that 2000 era sound, basically the old-school stuff we grew up listening to and loved so we have decided to make a band going for that vibe. (Blink 182,Fall out boy).Our debut single “Innocent” was recorded pretty much all diy and it mix and mastered and produced with a company in Germany called Injected smiles.”