the rundown

Get your new music fix with these brand spankin’ new tunes from all over the world – you can also find these songs on our Limited Time Offer Spotify playlist.  

Gold Gold – “Borderline”

Country: Sweden 

Genre: Indie rock

Words From the Artist: “‘Borderline’ is a song about love from a perspective that the title reveals. It’s a high energy track where our different but similar backgrounds come together.”

Mila Degray – “Toy Gun Store”

Country: US

Genre: Alt Rock

Words From the Artist: Produced by Justin Raisen, the 18 yr old grudge model elevates her bedroom rock sound to a new level using a live a band and freestyle lyrics. Mila Degray is originally from Boward county FL and became famous for her acting after she won a conterst to be in the upcoming a24 film MaXXXine. Toy Gun Store is the first single from her upcoming album ” legal, barely”.

Ribozyme – “Bloodworks”

Country: Norway

Genre: Rock

Words From the Artist: Bloodworks is the first single off of Ribozyme’s upcoming album «Celestial Low», which will be released in October. Produced and engineered by Spidergawd frontman Per Borten, Bloodworks is a song about opposite and perspectives; half empty or half full glasses, panic or control, red or blue pills.

Iconoclast – “Vicious”

Country: Canada

Genre: Grunge

Words From the Artist: The song is about self doubt but in the end you will yourself forward. To not underestimate the power of your own mind.

Loose Buttons – “99 Secrets”

Country: US

Genre: Indie Rock

Words From the Artist: Loose Buttons are a group of lifelong New Yorkers lauded as their hometown’s “best guitar-pop band” by Stereogum and “a new artist we’re going mad for” by NME. On June 8, the four-piece are set to release their first new song since 2021 – “99 Secrets” – about learning to confront our own internal struggles by opening up to those around us. Over those past two years, their live shows have included playing a sold-out Webster Hall in their hometown, and selling out a headlining tour of the East Coast and LA once venues opened again. During this time, Loose Buttons’ lead singer Eric Nizgretsky – a first-generation Ukrainian-American with Kyiv roots – has also organized a series of benefit shows to help the country’s wounded and displaced, which have featured guests like Jonathan Toubin and Eugene Hutz. “99 Secrets” was written and recorded in the midst of that series with the fresh perspective it offered.

Ryan Cassata – “Queer Love Outlaw”

Country: US

Genre: Americana

Words From the Artist:  “Queer Love Outlaw”, a protest song intended to liberate queer & trans people from bullies who weaponize scripture to justify bigotry.

Combustion 96 – “Up Again” (feat. Jon Howard)

Country: US

Genre: Alt Metal

Words From the Artist: Rolling into the warmer months, anonymous project Combustion 96 has hit us with another scorching single, “Up Again.” The band’s newest efforts continues to build upon their classic metal foundation, unleashing an electrifying blend of soaring guitar tones, pounding percussions, and an unforgettable breakdown that demands your attention.

Sweeping Promises – “You Shatter”

Country: US

Genre: Alt Rock

Words From the Artist: Lira Mondal and Caufield Schnug of Sweeping Promises capture their iconic rounded bass, lo-fi indie punk sound in their new track “You Shatter”. Retro by nature, the single is bouncy and energetic, with pitchy synths and layered vocals. An undeniable dance track, “You Shatter” falls somewhere in the space between mod-con disco and classic post-punk.

LeafGreen – “Intro”

Country: Canada

Genre: Alt Rock

Words From the Artist: Canada’s newest power-pop trio releases its first official single to all major platforms, June 9th. The first of many to come, “Intro” is a song about new beginnings, and shaking off some old growth. “Intro” will be included on LeafGreen’s upcoming EP “Shades of Green”.

Late Check Out – “Western”

Country: US

Genre: Alt Rock

Words From the Artist: Late Check Out’s new single is a collision of metal, hard rock, stoner, and punk but call it an amalgam. It sounds like it’s called, an old timey Western with the twangy sounding guitar, post rock sway, and artful vocal snarl of an old, drunk cowboy…in the best way possible.