Royal Castles

Guelph-based trio Royal Castles have just released their latest single, “Sweet” – an energetic and boppy alt rock track with an infectious chorus. We caught up with Royal Castles to chat about the song, how the band got together, and their musical influences. 

From The Strait: Tell us about the new single, “Sweet”.

Royal Castles: Like many tunes, SWEET was written at a time the world was trapped inside. This song is about opening the doors again – or at least considering it. It’s about re-emerging and getting back to what’s good and the things we love. “I cannot wait to take you out” is a line in the second verse that sums it all up.

FTS: How did Royal Castles first get together as a band?

Royal Castles: Royal Castles was born out of a previous band called Let’s Just Be Friends. Jordan and Katrin had been playing in LJBF for a couple years with other members. The music was far more rooted in folk-y vibes, which truthfully were not quieting audiences. When that band ended, Jordan and Katrin wanted to keep playing, but wanted to play loud, really loud and grab attention. We wanted to get people on their feet and get them moving. And we wanted to have fun. So we shifted directions, wrote new music and decided to record it. AJ’s initial entry came as the role of producer and engineer. He recorded and produced ‘PLAY IT LOUD’ in 2018 and added to it immensely. His bass playing was just too crucial. So he joined the band. We’ve been writing and honing our sound ever since with our Sophomore album JUST THE HITS and our new EP, SINGLES NIGHT.

FTS: Who were your musical influences growing up, and how do they differ from your current ones?

Royal Castles:  We all loved the Beatles growing up – who didn’t? Weezer was, is, and will always be a massive influence. Crunchy compressed guitar licks that make you sing along. Drums that are loud and tight and can make you dance. And vocals that stick in your hand for years on end.

FTS: What’s your favourite – and least favourite – thing about being a musician?

Royal Castles: Fave = making. Least fave = admin-ing

FTS: If all three members of Royal Castles were superheroes, what would each of their names and superpowers be?

Royal Castles:
Katrin – Barbie
AJ – Ken
Jordan – Ken’s brother
Our collective superpower is to always dress the same. We do it every show. We are Fashion Assassins.


Check out “Sweet”, the new single from Royal Castles!

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